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10 Things You Should Know About Organic Flannel Sheet


Did you know that the cavemen were very cold at night? Of course you did. They barely had any clothes let alone something to keep themselves warm. Luckily you don’t have to face that issue. You have bed sheets to keep you warm at night. Now bed sheets can comprise of many different materials. You have your cotton, flannel, polyester etc. Now we’re here to talk about flannel. So, what is flannel? Flannel is a loosely knit fabric that is typically made from wool, cotton or synthetic fiber and organic flannel is basically flannel manufactured from woven organic cotton.

It is popular for making your bed cozy in those harsh winter nights. The world is becoming more and more environment conscious. People today care about their environment which why many opt to buy eco-friendly products and organic flannel sheets are among them. Now here are 10 things you should know about organic flannel sheets.

Sleep like a king

[one_half_first]When you’re looking for a bed sheet, you want it to be comfortable, right? Well look no further, organic flannel sheets will cover all your comfort needs and have you sleeping like a baby. Flannel sheets are soft, warm and cozy as can be. The surface of flannel sheets is gently brushed, raising tiny chunks of cotton on the fabric surface for a snuggly feel. These elevated pockets contain heat-trapping air, which is why they feel so warm. It is perfect for cold weather months. All you need to do is crawl into bed and you’ll be in dream land in three, two and one. [/one_half_first][one_half_last][/one_half_last]

So if you like that soft, warm and snuggly feeling and want to sleep like a king at night then flannel sheets are definitely the name of the game.

Be a friend to the earth

Now if you’re like me you really love nature. The earth has given you so much. From its lush green forests, rivers, deep Blue Oceans to the very oxygen you need to survive. With Mother Nature giving you so much you ought to give something back, am I right? You know I am. So go green and organic flannel are one way to do it. Flannel is made from spun wool, cotton or even a combination of the two but sheets are usually made of cotton. However, organic cotton is grown without the use of poisonous or synthetic pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers. Different types of farming techniques are used on the organic production that focus on soil and plant health which also includes crop rotation, companion planning, local plant varietals and beneficial insects. So, basically the ingredients for organic sheets are grown using methods and materials that have a low impact on the environment. Organic production system replenish and maintain soil fertility and build biologically diverse agriculture making natural cotton an eco-friendly product. So you’ll be doing the earth a favor by using organic flannel sheets.

Maintenance? No Problem

A common problem with fabrics of any kind is the maintenance. Don’t you just hate it when you can’t wash you fabric properly or when they wrinkle up, shrink and simply ruins the look of the fabric. Well, you don’t have to worry when it comes to organic flannel sheets, they are usually made from cotton flannel and cotton sheets are usually made of fabrics that are already shrunk so washing them regularly is no problem. Caring for flannel sheets is pretty straightforward and simple. They can be washed in hot, warm and cold water and as mentioned before dried with little to no shrinkage. It doesn’t wrinkle easily so your sheets will always look nice and pressed. Also, flannel sheets become softer with every wash. So, while others fabric will demand time and work and still won’t satisfy your needs, flannel sheets will be there looking nice and soft, ready to send you to your dreamland with minimum effort regarding cleaning.

Stay healthy

Everyone wants to stay healthy. I mean who wants to get sick, lie on a bed all day doing nothing. Not mention the discomfort that illness brings. Organic flannel sheets are very handy in this aspect. It helps you stay healthy. Ordinary cotton products can cause skin irritations and other health problems because of the residues of pesticide and chemical agents, specifically formaldehyde that are part of the ending process. However sheets made with organic flannel do not contain harmful pesticide residues. Many people buy organic sheets because they worry about the chemical exposure that may come from their sheets. So these people remove as many possible sources of chemical as possible. Our beds are a big concern in this aspect as we spend so much time sleeping. So sheet choices carry more importance than you might think.

Organic cotton flannel is also a good choice for people who suffer from allergies to man-made fabrics or wool. People having skin problems that create rashes or patches of dry skin find that flannel is not as irritating to their skin as other products. So, a change in bed sheets can help you stay a bit healthier.

Save the children

Now we don’t want to stay healthy all by ourselves. We have think about the children as well. Many people choose organic flannel for their babies and children as the sheets are free from colors with chemical dyes. As infants immunity system is not as strong as ours, so even these small protection goes a long way. So, for people wanting their babies and children to have a healthy life in the future, organic flannel is definitely the way to go.

Help the farmers

Farmers our friends. Everyone would agree. They work hard day and night producing the things we use every day. No country can survive without agriculture. So, shouldn’t we do something for the farmer? Organic flannel does just that. Regular cotton farming also poses serious health risks to the farmers and their family, especially in areas where proper guidelines may not be followed. In addition to this, the finishing process for traditional cottons involves numerous toxic chemicals which expose mill workers to serious health risks as well. So, by increasing the use of organic cotton, one can prevent all this. Just imagine everyone using organic products, then farmers won’t have deal with all these issues. Organic flannel is one such product that’s good for the farmer as well.

Save Resources

We all know that our resources are not unlimited. There is a limit to how much we can use. Today we are using resources much faster than the earth can replenish them. One way to slow down our use is to use organic products. Organic cotton uses less energy to produce. It releases less greenhouse gas, does not contaminate ground water and due to improved soil quality it uses a lot less water. So organic cotton or in other words the use of organic flannel sheets can easily help save valuable resources.

Keep the bills down

Everyone likes to keep the bills down. I mean who wants to pay extra money. Organic flannel sheets can help you reduce your bill. Organic flannel sheets provide great levels of cold protection during winter time. These flannel sheets are made up of only organic cotton. Organic cotton sheets capable of retaining the body heat that is being produced during sleep, thus there will be good level of warmth that will be provided by flannel sheets. So the need to heat you room is gone and with no heating cost you’ll be not only preventing bills but also saving electricity in the process.

Real vs Fake

Don’t get conned my friend. A lot of the organic products out there are in fact not organic. Certified organic bedding has a GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) label on it. For a bedding to qualify to this level, the manufacturer must grow and process it organically. It’s not the only thing that goes into creating organic cotton. The company must adhere to strict and fair labor processes which means all workers must have a hygienic work area and make a livable wage. Growing, processing and buying organic cotton bedding provides advantages for people who sleep in it as well as people who produce it. So be sure to buy real organic flannel sheet.


Finally although organic flannel is not a luxury product, it does cost extra. Not everyone goes green, but if you have read up to this point, you know how much benefit you’ll get from using this product not to mention that you can save up on heating bills as well. So you’ll be doing something that’s good for the earth, good for the farmers, reduce some costs, save resources and most importantly do well for yourself and your children. Compared to that a little extra cash is hardly anything to worry about.

Organic flannel sheets are made from cotton but unlike the usual commercial flannel sheets, they don’t have any wool in its material. Aside from that, the cotton that was used to make these flannel sheets hasn’t been exposed to pesticides or any chemical fertilizers while it was growing. Meaning to say, the cotton that was used for these flannel sheets are pure and clean, and don’t have any trace of chemical elements in it. They are manufactured using only pure organic materials. Compared to the other flannel sheets, these organic sheets are much pricier than the common ones, simply because, organic grown items are found in smaller quantity or volume. Since the plants or products that are used in flannel sheet production are not grown using any fertilizers to help them grow, this means there is lesser production for the producers of this product. But then again, nothing can ever truly replace the unique comfort and the exceptional warmth that these flannel sheets provide their users and patrons.

So, if you are actually looking for a way to obtain a warm, cozy, and relaxing feeling while the season is cold, all you have to do is visit any store near you and look for some flannel sheets which are organically made. Rest assured that you’ll definitely feel the comfort and the warmth that these flannel sheets can actually give you and your whole family. Try using these organic sheets yourself and be amazed. Spread the word to your friends, loved ones, and relatives. Share your experience to them to let them also feel the comfort that these sheets can offer to us all.

Feel the Warm Embrace of an Organic Flannel Sheet

Do you know what organic flannel sheets are? Do you know that these sheets can actually give you the warmth everyone dreams of feeling, most especially when the weather is cold? But then, to give us some clue on what organic flannel sheets are made of, let us discuss things one by one.

Flannel is a fabric that is spun and has a soft touch and is generally made from wool and cotton. It can’t be denied the prices for such flannel sheets can be a bit high, but then, due to the warmth that it offers to all of its users, a lot of people still choose and buy it to give them the comfort that they want to have during the cold season. Now that we already know what flannel is made out off, let us now discuss the materials that are being used by the producers of the organic flannel sheets, as well as their difference from other flannel sheets.

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