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Tips on Buying Quality Sheets


Have you ever experienced having your sheets shredded or get all wrinkly when washed? These damages are not necessarily caused by the poor quality of materials in the sheets, the sheets fall apart because they lack in thread count. Thread count is a term used in sheets to measure how much thread there is in a square inch of the sheet. This determines the strength and durability of the sheets, so it is safe to say that the more threads there are the stronger the sheets.

It is the thread that counts
Experts say that quality bed sheets should have some 180 threads per square inch, like egyptian cotton sheets, good quality sheets should have at least 200-220 threads per square inch, 230-280 is better and the best is 300-400. Sheets with higher thread counts are impractically very expensive and specialists say that thread counts more than 300-400 doesn’t make it a better bed sheet.

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Sad to say, most companies that produce affordable sheets do not comply with these standards. And as the old adage goes, you get what you pay for. Settling for cheaper sheets can lead to disappointment due to lack of quality. Most commercial sheets have only 80-100 threads per square inch, a far cry from the minimum standard of 180 threads per square inch. So before buying a sheet, take time to meticulously examine the sheets. Ask the salesperson about the thread count of the sheet. This measure will save your self from future disappointments. Here are some other things to consider when buying sheets.

The Sheet’s Material
Most companies nowadays make use of non-traditional fibers to cut on costs. Some of these new fabrics shrink after a few washings. Some are easily damaged with daily events. Although there are innovational materials such as cotton/polyester that not only wrinkles less but also costs less. Tell the salesman what you want for a sheet to lead you to a better choice. Take note that the better sheets may cause more but will fare better in the long run.

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Company Background
It is also advisable to find a sheet from a trusted brand or company. In buying quality products company reputation plays a large role. Beware of companies that have poor quality control. Not all flaws and defects can be seen at first glance and the moment you spot the irregularity, it may be too late to return it.

Beware of sheets with toxic materials
Some companies are reported to use some chemicals that can be hazardous for the health like formaldehyde, chlorine etc. As of today there are no Federal Regulations that tackles about how the raw materials are processed. This means that anything, including harsh chemicals, could have been used. The only way to be sure is to find a brand that has a label which indicates that no harmful chemicals were used in the production of the sheets.

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