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Do you want to move your plastic hanger?

plastic hanger


There is no doubt that plastic hanger is definitely the best ally to be able to hoist all our paintings and decorative elements of the bathroom or kitchen without opening holes in the walls. Whether plastic hanger strap or magic plastic hanger, it is thanks to this practical option that many people have been able to save large amounts of money on minor repairs after completing a lease.

But what would you do if I told you that you can still save more? Even the expense of painting can stop being a problem; you just need to know how to remove plastic hangers so they do not leave a trace. If you want to know how to do it, then, do not stop reading this article until the end.

First of all, why should not you use more nails?

[one_half_first]Small repairs are definitely a factor in every home that; when they pile up, can quickly ruin our budget. It is what is known as the snowball effect; where small things accumulate and end up becoming a big problem. That is why the need arose for an alternative to the nails and screws on the wall; especially on the more delicate walls such as the bathroom. [/one_half_first][one_half_last][/one_half_last]

plastic hanger
plastic hanger

And, although there are many more options as much or more efficient than the plastic hanger tape; the people found in it an almost perfect solution. This is because, although the repairs were not so expensive, and the job positioning them did not bother the neighbors with the sound of a drill. The traces of them were more visible than the holes; And much more horrendous.

But how could it be solved without ruining the painting and often the wall? For there are several alternatives; although we will tell you the two most efficient: First you will learn how to remove the traces, then we will explain what kind of plastic hangers you should be using today.

Everything with the final objective of you to stop opening more holes in the wall, we are in the XIX century; it’s time to modernize your techniques.

3 Options to remove plastic hanger

There are three very effective ways to remove remaining debris after removing a plastic hanger strap; but first let’s see how you can remove the tape more efficiently.

For this you will need the following materials:

  • Hair dryer
  • Knife or spatula
  • Olive oil

Many people use only a knife or spatula to quickly remove the plastic hanger. However, it is there that they comment on the first error; which often ends up meaning more repairs or a new coat of paint. The key is to patiently remove the plastic hanger strap and for this you can use two powerful allies in this task; one you get in your kitchen and the other in your bathroom or room.

Olive oil (although there are other more efficient oils) is excellent for sliding between the wall and glue; Works as a lubricant and, combined with the heat, you will get an almost perfect peel off the first try. The heat applied by the hair dryer is excellent for removing vinyl or stickers left by children; not only on the wall, also works on the wood of the doors or the glass of the mirrors.

So if you have a decorative vinyl that you no longer like, you know the most efficient technique to remove them! But let’s continue talking about plastic hanger straps. Remember to apply heat to the dryer very closely, and you will not need to use too much oil; maybe a small amount similar to 10 drops may suffice.

Remove Adhesive Rests with Alcohol

Ethyl alcohol tops the list because it is the most economical and easy to get when you want to eliminate traces of glue. In addition, it does not cause any damage to the paint and is not a chemical that requires special handling.

It is perfect for the walls in the bass and, if you have previously applied the technique of hot air and olive oil; then ethyl alcohol is the perfect alternative for those small remains.

Alcohol + Fabric Softener

The second option you will find is the same ethyl alcohol but this time in combination with another element at home: the softener. Although there is no exact portion of each at the time of mixing, a ratio of 50:50 will be more than sufficient.

This technique was discovered when we wanted to remove the wallpaper in a house; Thanks to this combination, we were able to get rid of all the paper on the wall with almost no trace left. Obviously it was necessary to apply the new coat of paint. But if you want a more effective solution because alcohol does not seem to turn out to be 100%; here is the one that may be right for you.


The third and last option, to remove all traces of glue on the walls definitely after getting rid of your plastic hanger. Turpentine is less aggressive than thinner; however, that does not mean that your painting will not be compromised.

This is why it is best to use it on surfaces where traces of glue remain after removing a plastic hanger; but not a surface covered with paint.

The walls of the bathroom or the glass are some of the surfaces that best serve as an example where it could be used. Especially in the internal glasses of the cars; since the traces of glue are difficult to erase.

Use plastic hangers that are easy to remove

There are several products that are designed not only for a firm grip, hold a lot of weight; and be invisible. They are also easy to remove. That is, although there is a clear trace after removing them from the surface in which they were; this debris can be easily cleaned.

There are many brands available of this type of products; one of the most recommended, are the products of the famous brand 3M. These are the favorites of many people because they leave virtually no trace; Of course they are not the cheapest alternative you can find in the market.

Final Tips

Although final objective is to save us the hard work of opening holes, disturbing the neighbors with so much noise; and avoid having to spend on repairs. You should be aware that not everything can be held by plastic hangers. It is true that some of them are so powerful; which can hold heavy mirrors.

However, before running the risk of a huge, heavy mirror crashing against the floor of the house; it is best to open two or a hole in the wall and place a firmer grip point.

After all, there are many ways to seal those annoying holes in the wall; here at Decorating Visita Casas we have several tutorials about it that you might want to see.

You do not have to spend so much money on repairs if you follow the advice we give you in our articles; so dare to read and let us know how you found this information.


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