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How to install a decorative wall paneling

In the interior design, colors, lighting and textures make up the triangle that will give life to the decoration. And many times the answer is not a new color for the wall or a window. Sometimes, the need to improve space is only achieved through texture; and it is for this reason that today we will talk about decorative wall paneling.

Because if it is to add texture and a three-dimensional effect taking advantage even more the color that we have chosen for our furniture and walls; I assure you that one of these panels is the answer to your needs, join us to install it!

The Need for a Decorative Wall Panel

wall paneling

[one_half_first]Too many times people have come to Decorating Visita Casas expressing their discontent regarding a wall in their home; in less than a year they have already tried to decorate it with three different colors without success. If you are suffering a similar situation in which the pictures, large mirrors and sets of colors; they simply are not helping you to achieve an appearance on that wall as much as you want.[/one_half_first][one_half_last][/one_half_last]

Do not keep insisting on those methods; the same Einstein said it:

You cannot expect to achieve different results if you always do the same

When the situation reaches such extremes, the key is to reinvent the wall itself. No, you do not need to demolish it, here we are going to give you two alternatives to “make” a new wall with current elements of interior decoration.

Decorative wall panels. They are a vertical shaped concept of decoration with laminate flooring. That is, instead of installing a floor on the floor we already have; this time we will install a new wall on the current one.

The good thing is that the alternatives that this method offers us are full of wonderful surprises; which is just what you need if you are going through a creative depression because of your wall.

Here we will talk about the decorative lining with PVC slabs and the decorative lining with slate stone. So take note and forget about that crazy idea of buying so much paint; let’s reverse your budget on something you really love and it will be worth it.

Slate stone for interior walls?

wall paneling

That’s right, using the slate stone only for the front of the house or for the garden is already a thing of the past. But you need not be scared, the slate stone for interiors is different; the steps to install it are also different.

That is why we will give you several tips so you can install it yourself; because the best thing of all this project of renovation of your wall, is that it is a DIY project of a single day.

Many times paint takes two or even three days, so rejoice; you just need hard work and a day of your weekend to enjoy a completely renovated wall. So, do we start by assembling this type of slab?

Materials to install a decorative slate stone wall paneling

  • Measuring tape
  • Slate Stone Wall Panels
  • Mason’s water level
  • Mix to stick Slate
  • Mason jigsaw trowel
  • Adherence promoter
  • Rubber mallet

Of course you should not overlook the security features. You may need a screwdriver, paper, pencil, a calculator; much desire to enjoy your new wall as soon as possible!

Wall Paneling
Wall Paneling

The first thing to do, will be to calculate the square meters of the wall measuring both the width and the height.

Then go to your favorite store where you can get the Slate Stone and once you have chosen the design that you will use to decorate the wall; Check carefully how many square meters of slabs the box contains.

That way you will know the number of boxes you should buy so you do not over material and for that much less lack.

Unlike laminate flooring, stone slabs do not need to be a long period of time in the room before being installed; that is why this project will take a day or less.

Installing the slate stone wall paneling

After clearing the work area, you should make sure you have removed the plugs and switches to work really efficiently.

The correct thing is that, if you must remove some element of your electrical installation; first remove the current from the house by lowering the fuses.

The next thing is to make a mark on the wall about 8 “from the ground; There will be located our line of slab guides, why 8 ” exactly?

Because it is a multiple of 5 and helps to better distribute the slabs as most of the thickness of them is a multiple of 5.

Once you have marked on the wall then just subtract the mixture and begin to fix the tiles. Some blends come with very specific instructions, the same with slabs; it is good to check if you are working with any particular case.

wall paneling
wall paneling

No, you do not need to hit the wall until it opens small holes in it. Although you are going to perform a very similar work, not to damage the wall on which you will place the coating; it is best to use an adhesion promoting component when preparing the blend.

You could place this element as an option, but the other alternative is to take a hammer and a chisel to open many holes in the wall. For that reason, just buy the adhesion promoter to prepare the mixture with it.

The thickness of layer of mixture that you must apply in the slabs will depend very much of the thickness of the same ones; in such cases it is best to refer to the manufacturer’s instructions. But what is important and nobody tells you; is that you should place the lines following the same technique as if you were building a brick wall.

Finally, and that is optional; you can apply a product dedicated to this type of slabs to give it shine and provide protection. Although it will not be under direct sunlight and other climatic factors; do not forget the children.

Installing a “wood” decorative panel

The HDF is a beautiful material that gives our floors a beautiful and warm appearance. However, it is impressive how the technology of laminate floors has moved to the walls; so efficiently.

But this time not in the form of slabs of wood, although the appearance may be practically the same; the currently recommended wall cladding is PVC.

A decorative PVC wall covering can easily give our room a green shade, a more life-like appearance or magically disappearing imperfections we both hate.

Wall Paneling

In addition, the decorative PVC coating is perfect for both kitchen and bathroom. It is a thermal and acoustic insulation material and is not susceptible to mold.

Its installation is very simple, just follow the indications given by the manufacturer since each of them has its own nomenclature. However, here are some tips that will be very useful to you; you know, what nobody tells you, we here at Decorating Visit Houses we tell you.

  • In order to guarantee a stable coating, the distance to which the screws of the fixing profiles must be located should not exceed 24 ”
  • Premium PVC sheeting already comes with glue on them and can be fixed directly to the wall without the need for screwed profiles
  • Even in bathrooms, it is necessary that the walls are completely dry before placing the coating; although the material does not allow the water to stagnate or prone to bacterial growth once it is installed. It is necessary during the installation that the condition of the wall is optimal.
  • Although indicated for walls, you can also use these panels on the ceiling for a uniform finish. They are great for small dedicated closets or bathrooms.

Lining with decorative wood panels

Wall Paneling
Wall Paneling

That’s right, you can also use HDF panels for laminate flooring; however, in this case do not do the coating in a place where they are exposed to a lot of water.

Its installation remains very similar to the one made on the floor. But you will need fixing panels and even many times a mesh; everything will depend on your type of wall.

This last method is the most tedious, but remember this; for every square meter you need about 30 minutes while you adjust. Then you can do the job in five minutes.

Practice makes the master, do not forget!


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