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Easy and Trendy Tips on Selecting the Right Window Covering


When it comes to selecting the right window covering we tend to get confused on the type and style of covering to be used. With the various options like horizontal and vertical blinds, rollers or shutters and many such varied ranges you need some tips to make a clear cut decision on the choice of window covering.

The area to be decorated:
You should have a precise idea of how many windows and the area of location of the windows to be decorated. The direction of the windows plays an important part in choosing the covering. A north facing window is constantly exposed to sunlight and also cold so try to incorporate some features that reduce the power consumption. Nearly 40% of heat goes through the windows and some money saving ideas is a welcome relief. Windows that face towards the east will get sunlight early in the day. To prevent the heat that seeps in, cellular shades or even pleated ones can be employed. Classic drapes which allow very little light in are also apt for the east facing windows though they are unsuitable for windows in other areas of the house.

Natural bamboo window blind

Windows facing west are the most problematic ones as they let in the harmful ultra violet rays. Preventing these rays is a priority and the power saving ideas employed in the north facing windows should be followed here too. Southward oriented windows are the most optimal ones as they have a regular flow of natural sunlight through them. You can select window coverings that let in light or those that block them according to the type of room the window graces.

Choose your design:
Decide on what type of trend you want for your windows. With changing forms it is quite difficult to decide on the exact type or design. What is in trend now will not be so tomorrow. So opt for something in between. Most important, you should be at ease with the décor you choose. You can select from casual, formal and contemporary styles. Or you can decide between American and European designs. Whatever you choose let the décor be a popular and time tested one.

Roman curtains

Identify your requirements:
If you have children in the house then safety measures should be in place while decorating the windows. Disregarding the safety aspect may land you in deep trouble.
Sound proofing and power consumption are things which should be looked into before deciding on the window treatment. Proper and easy maintenance should also be considered while planning the window treatments. And last but not the least factor is the budget. If you are operating on a shoestring budget then try to work within the limits and choose the most economical and at the same time stylish covering. There are a lot of options available in your local stores to choose from.

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