Effective Striping Decorative Painting Technique

Are you looking for a new and effective idea on how you can redecorate your home and make it look like a new house? Are you artistic? There’s this new trend in painting your walls and ceilings that will make really you happy with the outcome. Striping is not new to painters and to those inclined in arts. It’s a method being used to replicate wallpaper designs. Striping is often being use to reinvent designs and to add cool and vibrant effects in walls and ceilings. Modern houses are the ones using this technique, it’s very time consuming and requires details but it brings a good and lasting result.

Striped wall

Here are helpful techniques that can help you with striping:
> You should paint the wall first with a plain background
> Select a paint that contrast to the background color you have chosen
> You should choose and prepare the paint for glazing.
> Mark the wall that should be covered by the glazing procedure.
> Using a small roller, glaze the area properly.
Striped painting

Redecorating your home is a very exciting and relaxing thing to do, you will be able to unwind and free your mind from stress by simply painting your walls and rearranging simple items around the house. You don’t need assistance, you don’t need professional back up, and you just need to work on your creativity to be able to come up with a nice and unique design.


striping painting technique

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