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A Night Sky Mural in the Room


If you are thinking of ways on how you can have a decoration that would add drama and beauty in your room that is unique, then a mural of the night sky is just the right idea for you. This is the idea that would make your children or your loved ones appreciate with what you have done with the room’s decoration. This is perfect in a child’s bedroom or in your TV room. Here are some ways that you can do to make that perfect mural of the night sky in your children’s room of your television room.

Night sky wall

First thing that you can do is draw a line around the top of the room just about 18 inches down from the ceiling. Do no make straight lines just draw a line with your free hand going up and down. You can use paint tape to mark off the line that you have drawn of a wider size if you are a messy painter. The ¼ inch tapes would help you much because it can easily be used when working with curves.

Then you can use the double faux paint roller kit when painting the ceiling and the upper walls. You can use the navy blue on side of the paint tray with a divider and a midnight blue on the other. You can then start painting the ceiling with the use of short strokes that overlap and you can also change directions. This will give you the depth appearance. After the paint has dried on the ceiling, you can now start installing rope lights around the room or you can also make use of the dormitory lights then attach it to an outlet where you can have a switch control. This is the perfect night light for you or your kids to enjoy.

Then you can start painting a moon in one side of the room. Be artistic. Add a face and a sleeping cap to your moon or draw it with the craters and paint it using a glow in the dark paint. Then you can place the constellation kit that you can buy at stores. Make sure it is for ceiling installation and then install it following the instructions that you have on the package.

Night sky

Your mural of the night sky is now complete in the room. You can however further accentuate it for better results. It only needs your artistic ideas for you to have the look that you would want to have in your room. For a child’s room, you can set the theme in the bedroom by buying space beddings and some wall decorations to match your mural of the night sky. This is just one of the ideas that you can make to give your room a comfortable and unique look.

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