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Decorating Kids’ Rooms: Egyptian Style


A child's room is like a child's playroom or a toy room. The best rooms for children have themes like the zoo, park, forest, beach, etc. This room is meant to be a special place for your child to learn, play, read, draw, write, paint, and do whatever he likes.

The importance of a nice room for our children has been stressed by many people. They suggest that you should set aside a room where your children can feel comfortable, relax and play without any pressure. We understand that it can be a daunting task to create such a space for your kids. We hope that the following suggestions and tips will help you in creating that special room for your child.

This blog is full of tips and advice for those who want to build a better room for their kids. So, if you want to help your kids with their rooms, then read this article.

About Egyptian Style and Design

In case you don’t know what is the ancient Egyptian style and design, then it’s time to read about it. Egyptian style and design is primarily characterized as ancient, but advanced at the same time, it is due to the feeling that ancient Egyptian technology during their time gave the sensation that it not suited for their era, rather like it was actually a glimpse of their future. This unusual mix of ancient and advanced motif of Egyptian interior design and architecture makes it one of the prominent designs that go out beyond the norms. Egyptian style can be applied to almost any kind of room, the kitchen, living room, dining room, and even in your kid’s rooms.

Egyptian interior designs usually represent several iconic articles that are depicted in ancient Egypt. The room’s walls can be given a general design and look of an ancient mural or writings, but these can be quite expensive and takes so much effort to do. Instead of going for ancient murals or wall writings, you can go for something simpler like, reed papyrus themed walls. Walls can easily be painted to look like reed papyrus by going for light yellow and deep brown colors for added detail. It is recommended that you use a stencil with a reed papyrus design etched in it in painting your walls. This way, it becomes much easier and saves a lot of your time to concentrate on other parts of the room to decorate.

How to decorate your child's room with this style?

If you have kids and are looking for some great ideas on how to decorate their rooms, this is the right place. This blog is dedicated to all the parents who love Egyptian style and want to decorate their kids room in this style. If you want to bring the ancient Egyptian style to your kid’s room, then you are at the right place. On this article, we have listed different themes, designs, and decorations to help you decorate your kids’ room according to Egyptian fashion. So, without wasting any time let’s get started. 

Floors are much easier, since the design is that of an ancient civilization’s room design. Floors can be painted with a very light orange tint to resemble a clay brick’s color that is commonly used during that time. Add the ambience of a ancient Egyptian room further by adding an Egyptian themed carpet which you can order locally, but you’ll have to consult a specialist which kind of Egyptian themed carpets are good to use.

Another common iconic article that you can use in designing an Egyptian themed room is none other than Egyptian artifacts. Of course, you don’t have to go to Egypt to buy souvenirs just to get those decorations, nor one would have to go to an auction to buy those very expensive genuine artifacts from Egypt. Simple alternatives like small cat and fox sculptures of Egyptian design would suffice, as it can greatly add the ancient feel of the room’s entirety.

Beds can simply be of modern design, with the skeletal framework being the one with the Egyptian motif. Color combinations such as yellow, blue and orange are the best ones to use, just remember to apply these color combinations in tandem with the color of the pillows and blankets that you are planning to use. Children would love to see the lively colors of their Egyptian beds. But remember, don’t apply anything too fancy.

Finally, adding some enhancements to the rooms like papyrus curtains and a few Egyptian themed furniture like chairs and you now have your very own Egyptian themed room for your kids. A word of advice though, children might want to play with some of the artifacts at their room, so you’ll have to put away every item that can be hazardous away from them.

To summarize

A child's room is like a child's playroom or a toy room. The best rooms for children have themes like the Egyptian stile, zoo, park, forest, beach, etc. The importance of a nice room for our children has been stressed by many people. We hope that this blog was helpful and gave you interesting tips and advice for those who want to build a better room for their kids. 

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