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How to Choose Kitchen Colors


Your kitchen is the area in your home where you prepare and cook your food. Often, it serves as a venue for bonding moments with your family. You and your kids learn how to make special dishes and mouth-watering deserts in the kitchen while discussing school activities. Also, this area of your home functions as a space for good talks and good laughs with your friends while baking cakes and pastries. In short, countless moments are spent in the kitchen, most especially for moms. Regardless of the different activities you have in the other areas of your house, people always have the tendency to go to the kitchen. Hence, this is an area that should not only be maintained clean and sanitized, but should also stand out.

When planning designs for your precious kitchen, you surely want to have it done with utmost consideration and attention to details. You want your very important room to look the way you want it to be. You would, indeed, want to be careful in picking out the colors, too. Here are tips on how to choose kitchen colors with the purpose of helping you achieve your desired kitchen atmosphere that is as fresh and inspiring as a garden:
• Shades of red like the color of tomatoes and apples could be a good idea with some hints of black. Imagine a red watermelon with small black seeds on it. It could work well in your kitchen.

• If you want bright colors, you can do well with yellow, orange and green resembling that of lemons, tangerines and limes. These colors teamed up with wood flooring and white appliances can create a lively and fun place to be.

• Brown hues of countertops and wood floors combined with the color ideas of orange tomatoes, summer squash and green bell pepper provides warmth in the overall atmosphere of your kitchen.

• The deep color of purple like that of an eggplant could as well create a majestic feel in your kitchen, adorned with stainless appliances, dark countertops with crumbs or hints of purple or gray. The dark green color like that of the tip of an eggplant can mirror an elegant look when accentuated with deep purple highlights.

• Colors of an herb garden shouldn’t also be ignored. The ideas of using the color of herb plants’ various green shades like that of a basil, and light lavender hues of subtle blossoms can come up with a very lovely color scheme.

• Hues of the less bright colored garden harvests like the cantaloupe, cauliflower and corn can also be an inspiration in creating a distinctive color scheme, same with the colors of onion and garlic.

• The dark brownish color of the fertile soil on which various fruits and veggies grow, could serve as your prime color or you could use it as a subtle shade on which your other chosen colors can combine to.

Using the inspiration of a garden abundant in fruits or vegetables is truly a nice starting point on how to choose kitchen colors.

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