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Enjoy the class and style of palisander rosa wood furniture

Rosa Wood


The Palisander Rosewood furniture (or Rosa Wood in some places) is a very rare and very classy style of furniture. Made from wood found only in the Indian Peninsula, the Palisander is considered to be rare and hard to come by wood. It has been considered a high class wood reserved for the elite, but has recently become much more available to the middle class.

Now days, there are many different types of furniture that are made from Palisander. The most common is the Palisander chair which is made by Dutch interior designers. These chairs are usually decorated with beads and other ornaments to accentuate class and convey a sense of wealth. Often these chairs have no arms, which creates more spacey feel and is surprisingly comfortable. Do you want to know more about this magnificent element? Well, keep reading, because there’s a lot more to tell!

A wood of purple color

Rosa Wood

[one_half_first]The Palisander Rosewood is generally a dark color with an exotic pattern. However, it is well known that according to the intensity of the light being subjected; The Palisander Rosewood can look like really dark purple, which is amazing! It’s a very hard wood so it takes a lot of effort to carve out and use to create furniture. [/one_half_first][one_half_last][/one_half_last]

However, once the furniture piece is complete; that means that the furniture is very durable and very unlikely to break. The wood is also much more water resistant than most other woods.

There are too many fakes and / or imitations woods used to make Palisander furniture. Nonetheless, real Palisander wood is easily distinguishable by its amazing, classy look and feel.

Rosa Wood

Its authenticity can also be distinguished according to the grain of the wood which is pronounced and of dark veining; which is why the floors with this wood have so much character.

Another unique feature of the original wood is its odor; a slight but exquisite odor of flowers that is slightly sweet; hence the origin of his name really comes.

In short, it is a very beautiful element that adds to all decoration an impressive value; As long as it comes from India, however, other countries like Brazil, Indonesia and Madagascar.

Features of the Rosewood from other Countries

Rosa Wood

If you’re looking for a piece of furniture that will really stand out, project class and elegance; then a carefully selected piece of furniture from different country to India could be a wise choice and just the job.

Having a piece of Rosewood furniture in your home will really add to the overall style, feel and d├ęcor. And with so many people all over the world are enjoying this furniture, why should not you enjoy it as well?

Directly from Brazil; you could enjoy a hand-carved piece with brown tones mixed with reds or a much warmer purple than that of India.

Madagascar on the other hand offers us a variety as exotic as the Palisandre; So much so that in 2016 many cases of contraband of this wood along with exotic animals, were frustrated by the authorities.

The tone of the Rosewood from Madagascar is red. At Decorating Visita Casas we recommend you do not try to buy this Rosewood species; unless it is to a friend or acquaintance or in an antique shop. This is because in 2010 a moratorium was issued stating that trading or exploiting Rose Bois is illegal.

Rosa Wood

Finally we have the Sonokeling which is very similar to the Rosewood Palisander since it comes mostly from Pakistan; but it is not cared for with the same discipline as that coming from the Indian Peninsula.

Many times people will try to sell you Dalbergia Retusa or even Dalgerbia Oliveri saying that it is Sonokeling; so it is important that you learn to differentiate them, the price difference in the market is very important in these cases.

Do not be fooled!

Small details such as softness, porosity, and intensity of brown color are crucial to be able to differentiate Palisander Rosewood from Nicaraguan or Guatemalan Rosewood.

Other Features of the Rosewood

Rosa Wood
Rosa Wood

Since the Rosewood molecules extremely close together, the furniture made with it is not only solid and durable; it is impressive how heavy the furniture made with this wood can become.

Reaching the figure of 2.4 lbs. / cm2.

The most expensive and elegant ships are made with Rosewood and also balms to treat infections with worms.

In fact, this same natural ability to fight against parasites; is what makes furniture made of Rosewood resistant to the attack of fungi. Another factor for which it is so durable.

Large Parts Made with Rosewood

Rosa Wood

Although it is true that furniture made with this wood is amazing; one of the great tests of its quality are the musical instruments.

And although the standard price of a guitar made with Rosewood oscillates the 2000 $. Unique pieces like the guitars of Miguel Rodriguez Jr. 1981; can be auctioned for $ 50,000 or more.

And this price will only increase over the years as the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) only increases its strict policy to protect the few remaining specimens of these trees.

Alternatives to Power to Enjoy the Rosewood at Home

Beyond being able to have a stroke of luck in an antique shop that allows us to buy a piece of furniture made with Rosewood; or to win an auction in which we receive a famous guitar (which we do not know how to play).

Rosa Wood

There is the possibility of being able to enjoy furniture made with Rosewood legally and at reasonable prices. Eye! Reasonable, but neglects the concept of cheap.

A Rosewood furniture is an investment for generations to come, it is not cheap; but you can buy it with a little effort and hard work.

With $ 400 or $ 600 you could completely renovate the bedroom; A price much more affordable than a $ 2000 guitar. However, you will notice that many of the economic options are in Asia.

The problem is sometimes in making the shipments, for that reason, we recommend that you try to adapt to your geographical location.

But remember that there are many scammers on the market and when you go to an online store; you may suffer some inconvenience and do not receive the product for which you paid.

The way to avoid such scenario is to be guided by the reputation of both the seller and the page itself and its security policies.

For person experience of us Decorating Visita Casas, we recommend not guiding you by the names of the shops. Just because a store is called Rosewood Furniture, does not mean that all your furniture is made in that wood.

Rosa Wood

And their prices can be exorbitant when it comes to authentic Rosewood furniture. Of course, they often come from Malaysia and not from India.

And you are lucky to own a piece of Palisander Rosewood? If so, please share a photo, we really love it!


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