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5 tips for amazing Asian style home decorating

asian style


Many people when decorating their homes choose the amazing asian style; we can’t deny that it is one of the most versatile decorative styles that allows us to take full advantage of the full potential of our space.

However, most people make the mistake of buying everything that looks Asian to add to their decor. That kind of mistake is so typical today, and worst of all, is that people do not realize what they are failing. For that reason, they end up with a space they do not like.

If you want to learn the 5 basic steps to have a true Asian-Japanese decoration, then you came to the right article.

The Asian – Japanese Decorative Style

asian style
Asian Style

One of the most important aspects to create the right aura is the exterior. The environment surrounding a home prepares people in a way just before entering the house.

If unfortunately you can not create that feeling since before people set foot inside the house, do not worry; because the Asian style is very unique for a super important detail that you can never forget: the lobby.

The most common mistake when people want to migrate to an Asian decorative style is that they completely ignore the Genkan; or so it is known in Japanese decoration this space.

A great first impression is definitely what will help you better to create and convey that Asian aura in your decor; so let’s start at the beginning, let’s define what your Genkan will be.

Make Your Home Feel Asian All The Way

asian style
asian style

From the entrance, people should be able to become aware of what type of home awaits them later when it comes to Japanese decor.

The Genkan is a space destined to the reception and to the comfort, also is an area of farewellings; so the Asians are very concerned about transmitting in this area of the house the correct aura.

An aura that invites to stay and that invites to want to return. At Genkan you should have enough slippers for both, you and the guests. It is also necessary that there is sufficient space only to store shoes.

According to the Feng Shui of your home, it is good that in the Genkan you also include a plant or even a Zen Garden. A small but beautiful photograph of the family is also a great success when it comes to establishing the Genkan.

Many people implement furniture with drawers to store coats, umbrellas or other items in addition to keys or backpacks; the important thing is that these elements do not remain with the naked eye, otherwise they will ruin the decoration.

Less is More

Imagine for a moment that an Asian person would like to decorate his house with the Western style, would you tell him to buy everything he sees that looks western?

When we think of an Asian decoration, for some reason we feel that impulse to buy everything we see; everything is very beautiful. However, Asian decorative style is minimalist, overloading of elements the decor goes against the whole concept.

You can have just a few carefully chosen pieces of Asian art. Rather than having your walls cluttered with Asian pieces, choose just a few centerpieces that really stand out and make an impression. Whether you want a Japanese decoration or another Asian region like Korea. Be humble when choosing the elements, do not overload the decorative scene.

Pay Special Attention to Details

asian style

Asian culture stands out for its great discipline, even small things like tea or taking a shower; all of them are done with discipline. This tendency to take care of detail is also reflected in its decoration.

When a person who is not Asian and inexperienced in decoration tries to emulate the Asian decorative style; ends up building an environment that feels artificial and not at all welcoming.

This is due to the lack of small details charged with love and spiritual meaning that in Asian decor, real Asians, add naturally and effortlessly.

When we think of the warmth of the home, what color comes to mind? That’s right, the brown color. In addition to green, but the predominant color that adds that warmth to a home is brown.

It may be that adding a laminate floor to emulate the wood is not an option for your home that you try to take it to Asian decorative style; however, there are other points of interest where you can add this color to give warmth to an area. Curtains for example could be bamboo, while tatami, as well as individual dining room could also incorporate this organic material.

Bamboo is a very important element in Asian decoration, but it is important not to abuse it in extreme quantities, do not forget point number two; less is more.

Lighten Up Carefully

asian style
asian style

Lighting is a commonly overlooked piece of Asian decorating. The house should be well lit, but using soft lighting. This really adds to the Asian feel.

Avoid harsh bright lights at all costs. It is true that the minimalist style seeks to expand the spaces or at least create the illusion of wider spaces; one of the ways to do this is with powerful lighting. However, the Asian style lacks that brightness so aggressive to the eye.

Part of her cozy aura also comes from discreet lighting, not at all ostentatious. So if your kitchen already handled a minimalist concept full of LED lights, it’s time to consider eliminating them completely or at least turn them off.

Remember that discretion is a feature very characteristic of Asian culture, and that same discretion is reflected in its typical decoration.

EmbraceĀ the Ways of the Asian Style and Culture

asian style

The Asian decoration is very interactive with the inhabitants of the home, that is to say; the table where they meet to talk is the same table where they eatĀ and the same table where the tea is served.

Each utensil or each room has its clear purpose, it is not only to be admired; even those parts of an Asian home where nothing is touched, the inhabitants are involved in a spiritual way, mostly praying.

The best way to achieve the final Asian decoration is partly adopting their customs and manners. Eat sitting on the floor, sleep on a futon that is stored every morning. Completely isolate the toilet from the rest of the bathroom for privacy.

All of them are details that give the Asian house a unique aura, completely different from the western ones. Therefore, the last step is to adopt their culture, and the best way to do it is through the kitchen.

asian style
asian style

The kitchen is the heart of every home and, if in your kitchen you prepare Asian food; then the smells will impregnate the rest of the decoration and give the whole house the detail that was missing to become completely.

Remember, do not overload the decoration with elements very striking and adopts the culture as part of your life; so that the people who live in your home, and those who visit you, will breathe that Asian aura you love.


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