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Enlighten Your Room with Hurricane Lamps


In decorating a room, you do not just give details to the color of the room, the furniture arrangement, the curtains and the color coordination. You also need to look into smaller details like the decors that would give your room an elegant touch. This can be made possible by adding hand crafted objects as hurricane lamps. This can help in dressing up or dressing your room down, thus you need to be careful in choosing the hurricane lamp that you can choose.

Cranberry hurricane lamp

The hurricane lamps are simple masterpieces that you can use in decorating a room that can give your room a great look depending on your hurricane lamp choice. This can help set the mood of the room and give it a comfortable feeling. These kinds of decors may be placed in your room along with the other decors or you can place it in the table alone. This will make a great centerpiece on your table.

The hurricane lamps can also make a perfect decoration during the winter months giving your table a festice look by adding hollies and berries. This can also make a great decor during fall or spring when decorated along with the clear marbles or scented candles. By adding colored changinf leaves and some pines in the fall or light pastel flowers during the spring season, these just prove that a hurricane lamp can be a perfect decor for any season. You just need to be creative to put pieces together to make a great decor out of the hurricane lamp. You can also make a candle holder out of this hurricane lamp. Choose the glass type of this lamp, palce a candle inside the glass, this makes a perfect centerpiece for a dim light atmosphere or for a romantic candlelight dinner.

Hurricane lamp

Choose the hurricane lamp that would suit your room theme best. Choose if you would go with the glass or the trasparent one that would make a great stick on decor. This is found in craft stores and this makes a perfect light in the dark if you want to have a dim light environment. The plain glass would lessen the harshness of the light. You can also choose the misted glass. This is a very nice decor to look at but it also dims the light from the flame. There is also the glass with a dim color. This is the perfect choice if you like an illuminated light with a nice sheen.

This is the perfect touch that you can give to your room. This would make an all year round decor that you do not need to change. All you need to change are some treatments around it to make the hurricane lamp’s beauty stand out in any season.

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