Home Interior Decorating: Ten Most Important Things you have to Consider

Home interior decorating is a venture most enjoyed by people who just love to see stylish and elegant homes born out of their creative efforts. It is one “sport” that gives very rewarding results upon accomplishment, because there is just no person in the world that doesn’t like neat, orderly and good-looking homes. The following are ten simple tips for home interior decorating that anyone can do, even for someone who will try and decorate his home for the very first time.

Oriental decor

Choose the correct color combinations for your home. If you are designing with a general theme or design in mind, keep the articles’ colors in constant compliment with each other. The same goes for your room walls. Articles made of fabric such as curtains and window valances should also be of complimentary colors to the rest of the articles in the room.

Painting room walls actually requires a little practice, so never apply the paint directly onto the wall immediately when starting on a wall paint job. It is very easy to make perceptional mistakes, and in case you make a mistake in painting your walls, it could take you more effort in correcting it than the actual time frame for your paint job! Illumination plays an important role in presenting the actual design of your home’s rooms. Make sure that you provide the proper lighting that is required in each room of the house, not only functionally, but also aesthetically.

Rustic hallway decor

Articles placed on a wall should be placed properly. Articles that are anywhere out of the range of the normal eye level of an average person is a complete no-no. Paintings should be of considerable size, and anything that is significantly small should not be placed or hanged in a wall, as it creates a “postage stamp” effect.

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Great ideas, and as long as these interior decorations match your own preferences, your living space would always be the best place to stay.

dr.anjali sharma - August 10, 2010

more details about the use of small place with important things

dr.anjali sharma - August 10, 2010

we have two rooms one living room means hall with sofas dinninng one medium size table one big iron rack with multiple stuff in that TV AND Microwave on same table mandir freez and another room double bed all together everything looks so dull and bad not lively.

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