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Experience Fun and Adventure at Busch Gardens


Busch Gardens located at Tampa Bay consists of all the fascinating aspects of your ideal theme park. It is full of entertainment where all amazing types of roller coasters and rides are present. Busch Gardens even gives you the botanical garden image. In addition to close encounters with its animals, you will surely enjoy your Busch Garden visit.

With every ticket you buy, you are entitled to experience the Gwazi, Montu, and Python rides. There are also rhinos, hippos, elephants, alligators, and white Bengal tigers to enjoy for near observation of their forest habitats while riding a safe jeep safari.

European busch garden

You can also entertain yourself with the various tastes and angles in Busch Gardens. Some of its popular attractions include the best rhino rally. Tourists are craving to experience this type of white rhino rally. Nonetheless, these Gardens gives a high sense of entertainment due to its mixture of 17th century ambiance along with high technology atmosphere of 21st century. Busch Gardens theme park gives you the advantage of seeing modern technology by creating the Curse of DarKastle.

Not only do Busch Gardens provide you with paradise of rides however, it also provides you with various shopping, live shows, and eating places. The most applicable time to tour around the Busch Gardens is during late fall or early spring. Nonetheless, this Tampa Bay theme park is commonly crowded during all seasons of the year. Every season at Busch Gardens surely offers a unique park attraction. However, summer can be worse to some tourists because of the hot weather. Hence, the spring seasons of March and April plus the fall times of September and October gives appropriate atmosphere to experience the Busch Gardens wild attractions.

Islands of Adventure are another thing to enjoy at Busch Gardens comprised of five unique islands. All are located at Universal Escape Resort where these islands have advance features and unique themes to impress your taste. The names of these islands are Seuss Landing, Jurassic Park, The Lost Continent, Marvel Hero Island, and Toon Lagoon.

These islands all have various kinds of exciting rides fully depending on the unique park themes. For you to experience this awesome adventure, you need to purchase tickets of Islands of Adventure that come with the famous Disney World Tickets.


Tampa Bay’s Busch Gardens greatly represent the African theme during the 19th century comprised of different kinds of combinations from animals of zoological importance to fantastic tourist places. The exciting Busch Gardens’ rides located at Stanleyville section and Congo section are the popular Kumba and Shreikra roller coasters. If you long for experience like rotating, jumping, twisting, and ultimate speed of roller coasters, then this is the best ride for you. Also, this theme park gives other fabulous attractions different from their usual rides. People can always look and experience breathtaking activities.

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