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Feng Shui Tips to Encourage Adventure and Self Discovery


1. For rooms in your home, there are several common recommendations. You can use plants to liven up some rooms that have natural sunlight coming in through them. Plants are symbols for the wood element, and wood is the symbol of life. So make sure you keep the plants healthy and alive. Remember to water them and clean them. They are not only there as a symbol, they can also help filter the air in the room.

FengShui kitchen

2. Fire is the symbol of passion and strength in Feng Shui. It is usually put into a room through the use of candles. But because having unattended candles can be dangerous, substitutes such as a table lamp with a crimson shade are recommended. It is also believed that the fire symbol works best for irregularly shaped rooms.

3. Having statues made of clay can be used for representation of the earth element in your rooms. Or you can also use clay pots filled with soil and rocks. The earth element represents stability because it is on it that we build our homes and office buildings. It is what nourishes us and helps us strengthen our lives.

Feng shui styled living

4. The element metal can be symbolized by bronze, silver, or gold. It represents abundance and guardianship. Because of its properties, the metal element lends itself to creativity easily. It can be in the form of practically anything.

5. For the water element, an aquarium is almost always the best way to go. But sometimes, water fountains may serve the purpose well too. You need to keep the water flowing and clean because this element works best when it is moving.

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  1. These are some (thankfully) budget-friendly feng shui ideas! I was so frustrated with a consultant – “change this color, put a different color there..” it would have cost me a fortune. My sister suggested I use wall decals for the splashes of color (and designs such as plants, etc.). We found great decals from – they looked so classy, like they’d been painted on by a professional.

  2. Most people that wishes luck in their life and on other aspects usually refer to what we call as Feng Shui. For my personal opinion, there is nothing wrong with believing feng shui.. as long as you also combine it with hardwork, perseverance and a other qualities that make a person successful in his/her life. Of course, prayer also is the most important thing.

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