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Fountains: For a Perfect and Beautiful Garden


Any beautiful garden will definitely feature a water body of some kind, of which fountains are the favorite choice. Fountains are comforting, elegant and have the most relaxing and soothing sound. They are the best feature of any garden and add to the beauty and ambience of a garden. The importance of gardens is felt by people irrespective of where they reside. A garden is place where you seek beauty and peace and what can provide that better than a fountain which is not just a feast to your eyes but to your ears as well. Japanese gardens are renowned worldwide for their beauty, charm and peaceful ambience. The main feature of these exquisite gardens are strategically placed water elements that lends an air of magic and serenity. When one sets eyes on these beautiful gardens the first things that come to mind are Koi ponds and the popular art of Feng Shui.

Sophisticated garden fountain

Today, there are literally countless varieties of garden fountains. They are available in a wide range of materials, both natural and man-made, ranging from natural stone, copper and brass to stainless steel and etched glass. You can find one to suit any type of garden, whether indoor or outdoor. Fountains come in different types and styles from tabletop fountains to the most elaborate fountains that can be the highlight of any garden. They are majestic and perfect in estate ponds or lakes and they are equally perfect when placed in the backyard of a modest home. An innovative model of the fountain is the ‘rain chain’ that when installed in the gutter system, makes the rain water to flow down from the roof as a sparkling and bubbling sheet of water.

How to find the right fountain that is perfect for your home.
Conventional: Fountains made from natural stone or resin is perfect for conventional homes. If you want something elaborate, you can choose from tiered garden fountains or wall fountains.
Contemporary: To suit your modern décor you can choose from stainless steel or slate fountains. Simple free standing fountains or cascading fountains are a perfect backdrop for any contemporary home.

Modern style fountain

Asian: A complete range of fountains made from bamboo or stone in exotic Asian style and designs are available from which you can definitely find one to suit your Asian style home.
Eclectic: These are homes that boast bold colors with a fusion of different styles. Granite or mosaic fountains are best suited to these types of homes.

Whatever type of home or garden you own, you can find a fountain that perfectly suits your home to provide peace and serenity. And the best of all you can install a fountain by yourself.

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