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Fill the World with Colors: Photos on Canvas


Technology brings about great advances. Today, it is now possible for a person to print your photos onto canvass and show it to your friends or family, it’s great for displaying or even as a source of income. Before going further, what are canvasses? Well a canvas is an extremely heavy-duty plain-woven fabric used for making sails, tents, and other functions where sturdiness is required. It is also popularly used as a painting surface, typically stretched, and on fashion handbags and shoes. Canvasses are used in painting and now you could also see photos on canvas.

Couple photo on canvas

Many people nowadays are having so much income out of this trend. Most people think it’s hard, doing over with process of printing photos on canvas but it’s actually not. As a matter of fact many printing companies or even others who’s into this kind of business gathers so much income that they want to tell everyone that doing this kind of work isn’t complicated as others may thought it would be. Artists or even ordinary businessmen prefers canvas because it’s inexpensive, it last long, it can be customized for your convenience, it has been choice of medium over the years and that canvas creates an aesthetic feel.

Adding or placing photos isn’t booming yet for the reason that they know less of how the process is done and they think it needs so much work. Print houses are still being utilized and the source where they get information on them from the yellow pages, the internet or if someone just told a friend or referred it. The very disadvantage that is obvious in utilizing these print houses is mainly the cost. Not only does the company charge you expensively for the ink and material, they also charge you for the service. It’s expensive.

Baby's photo on canvas

Why should one consider just putting photos on canvas? You could actually be satisfied and see a preview of the outcome before going on with the actual printing, plus with regards to its materials; the ink is relatively cheap, you can get at least $4 for an 8 x 10 inch canvas, much cheaper than the prices of printing companies, because they also charge service. If you wish to do printing photos on canvas at home, you are just required to have of the canvas where you will be printing, a photo printed out in photo transfer paper, scissors, an iron box and a staple gun. All you have to do is do some researching on how to go on with the process of the whole thing; a printer also that is appropriate for canvas is needed. Once you get the hang on this kind of trend, this hobby could be an effective way on how to earn. Everybody wants to earn, right? This trend is in; it can attract lots of costumers so might as well take hold of the chance or opportunity in which you could do a business that involves printing photos on canvas.

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  1. The main problem with so called “home made” photos is a proper color match. I’m doing design and pre-print for 15 years and I see this problem everyday. Before you send your picture to print ask some professional to make your file optimized and prepared for printing on canvas.

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