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At present, the culture of photography is something that has been much distorted. Although the photographs can be seen anywhere in the house; the portability of the devices with which you can take a photo, has made us stop appreciating them so much. Black and white photos nowadays are actually more expressive than those with superbly gorgeous colors. Displaying photographs for decorating is better than without a photograph without a frame.

It is true that the photo album is something beautiful that used to be in every house; however, today you may have some pictures in the cloud. If you love the pictures, you love to decorate and you want to explore a new horizon of possibilities with a minimalist, modern or vintage style you have arrived at the article indicated! Get comfortable and talk about the wonderful decorative photographs.

Displaying Photographs like a Designer

[one_half_first]Do you remember when the visitors came to the house and your grandmother or your mother were looking for your photo album to show the family story? How did we get from that to the cell phone? Photographs on the cell phone screen do not generate that level of privacy that physically achieves a photograph in front of us.[/one_half_first][one_half_last][/one_half_last]

However, it is not about returning to the age of the grandmothers and begin to fill an album every year again; is more about the artistic aspect and treasure the most shocking moments.

So, although the ideas that we are going to give you below are the techniques that we at Decorating Visita Casas use; do not let your creativity be limited by our vision. Use this article as inspiration, not as a set of rules to follow.

And we’ll start with grayscale photographs in a minimalist setting. For combining those elements; we have as a result the classic style, a way of displaying the photographs that transports us to an ancient time: that is why black and white photographs are used.

But there’s a lot more behind all of this, so we’d better look into it thoroughly, would you say?

The magic of black and white photographs

The artistic aspect of the black and white photographs is given because indirectly we associate them with an old event; beyond the inclusion of color in the screens.

However, when combined with the image quality offered by today’s lenses; we get amazing results that escape the imagination.

Another great detail of black and white photographs is that they are perfect for hiding imperfections. Many professional photographers use grayscale for those photographs in which design programs would ruin the concept of natural photography.

Instead of editing the imperfections, they cover them by removing the pigments; the defects of the skin do not disappear from view, but decrease considerably and a more “real” appearance is obtained.


A group of black and white photographs will always be a topic of conversation; Best of all is that you do not have to limit yourself to a single theme.

You can use photographs of many events with intimate approaches and not all have to be taken by you. But that is not the best part, the best begins when we combine everything with the minimalist style do you know how to do it?

Combining the minimalist style with photographs to create the classic style


The frame makes the photograph more attractive and attention calling; especially when the frame is elegantly stylish in appearance. It is way better when the photograph and the frame blend to give an explicit appearance for the people who look at them.

Photographs can be seen anywhere in the house. But mostly they are in the living room to be displayed and be seen by people. Some photographs are even placed in the bathroom for more life in that room. It is better to have a colored wall when decorating black and white photos with frame.

But the wall can still be in white and the frames come in black or vice versa. Although sometimes a white wall makes it seem dull. With this kind of technique; the photos you show will be more focused and given more attention by the people that sees them.

In decorating photographs it has the capability to be noticeable depends no more on its ability to speak to the person rather than on its own interesting appearance image.

Without a doubt, striking black and white photography does not draw out with its play of colors. At this point, secure attention to masterpiece, lighting, point of view and the context are important.

This is the kind of shot that you have when it comes to black and white frames and photographs.

And do not forget that the frames must be thin and instead of glass as a protector you can use acrylic; these elements are an essential part of the minimalist.

You can also complement the photo gallery display with LED lights dedicated to making them the center of attention.

The new place to place photos


Our clients often ask us what other place besides the living room and the wall of the stairs is good for putting pictures.

For now a tendency is emerging that seeks to somehow rescue or maintain the values: placing photographs in the children’s room.

The photos on Facebook or on the cell phone are not used to treasure the memories is something that you must understand; Do not let yourself be devoured by the technological age and do not let your children devour.

A photograph of when they went to the zoo or their birthdays are very special memories to have them in IG; Incorporating them into the decoration of their room makes them more than just souvenirs or trophies.

They are a window to the happiest moments of your life and something very intimate that only those people who have the privilege of entering your room will see.

You will put the first pieces of the collection, you will see how your child is responsible for making it grow.

Wallpapers photos?

Yes and No. It is circumstantial. Many times it is not only the photograph but the background in which they are placed.

When a long hallway in your house which, despite having decorative wall lamps and several photographs; Feels empty. Then the best solution may be wallpaper.

And when the wallpaper of a room seems to devour you or very overwhelming every time you walk next to it; then you may need photos.

It is necessary to compensate for the lack of simplicity or the excess of opulence. What scenario do you face in this situation?

I recommend that you use small pictures or simple resolution so you can rotate them easily without having to replace the frame.

And something that can help you a lot! Is to use portraits with long forms; Even if you put a small picture inside. The way the photographs are displayed can change completely when the frame also assumes part of the protagonist.

Chaos Organized


The way of distributing the frames does not always have to be the traditional one; Art evolves with us and all those inflexible norms now no longer exist.

The best way to organize your photo presentation is by cutting patterns with the shapes of the frames you will use.

Once you have all the pieces, which you can create using any type of paper and a scissors; then you can measure the wall or simply “arm the decor” superficially.

Imagine that you are going to build a wall with many bricks of different sizes and shapes so something much more fun awaits you when you decide to put together your own exhibition of photographs!


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