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3 Furniture That Represents Nature Tips that Guarantee Success

furniture naturia


There is a lot of furniture that represents nature. Each element of wood or stone is certainly a direct element of our beloved planet.

Also, if the furniture you have at home is made mostly of good quality wood; you can easily perceive in the air that forest scent that makes us so good.

From the colors to the alignment, many details are important to consider if we want to move the magic of nature into our home; although it can be somewhat complicated, here we will explain how to do it without difficulties.

For this we will analyze the best style of furniture that really has that ability to transport us to the point where we feel embraced by nature, without neglecting of course a very important aspect: the color of the decoration.

Building a Forest Inside Home

furniture naturia

In order to properly build the experience that our home is a gateway to a natural paradise, work must begin from the outside.

Landscaping is a technique that involves the stimulation of the 5 senses, therefore; It does not matter if the facade of your house is a simple door.

You can decorate it!

All in order to start moving gradually into that beloved forest. A very abrupt collision is not pleasant when it comes to enjoying this kind of experiences with decoration.

Aromatic candles, a branch of your favorite plant decorating a corner of your door or even a color of paint that helps you relax, something that is a very natural, such as brown. All these ideas are enough to create the illusion and get “in tune” from the entrance.

If on the contrary you have a larger space, either in front of the house or in the garden; the alternatives increase exponentially and for that reason we will speak of them with more dedication later.

For now let’s focus on the interior of the house.

Eco Decoration

Let’s start by understanding what is that we are looking for; this style is known for decoration experts as:

  • Ecologic
  • Eco-Chic
  • Naturalist

Any of those three names will do just fine, or if you prefer: Natural Style Concept.

Having already a concept in mind we can do better without feeling blind.

One mistake that people looking for this style comment is: they do not want to include metal in the decoration. But I tell you something, metal furniture also remembrance of nature.

Minerals Also Come from Earth!

So; with this in mind, since we can sum up what furniture style we are going to look for:

  • Recycled materials. Even waste wood from other projects.
  • Metal; preferably thin or white one.
  • Stone; in this sense we refer to the work top of the kitchen or the bathroom.

The minimalist or modern concept also has room to create an environment that transports us to nature; a “simplified” nature sounds strange but it is possible.

furniture naturia

These clear ideas allow us to then visualize a decoration with furniture that will not necessarily have to look as if they came from the home of a Hobbit.

Wooden furniture that can be varnished. The important thing is to let the view of the passage of time dimly; irregularities like scratches (welcome be cat) scratches and even imperfections in the varnishing; Can help achieve this effect.

Just pay attention since the line between aging and oversight is very short. Imagine what your favorite forest would look like over the centuries; looks beautiful, but not unattended. Nature takes care of its ecosystem; you take care of your home.

Antique Furniture that Keeps a History is also Great for this Decorative Concept!

Vintage stores offer a style of decorative furniture that placed under the correct focus of light reminiscent of a scene in an enchanted forest.

Upholstering Eco Decoration

furniture naturia

Without specifying we have been able to break down several points of interest regarding the choice of furniture; if you already have wooden furniture it is only a matter of treating them a little to achieve the effect of aging.

But one point that will also be of great help is upholstery. The choice of the right tissues will give a unique aspect of nature to our home; in it we will print the rest of the colors that are associated with nature.

It is because of this that here we give you a list of materials that you should look for and we also explain why you should do so:

  • Silk: its extreme sophisticated appearance will give a civilized touch to the whole room; especially if you use it in curtains or cushions with autumnal shades.
  • Linen: the fabric itself is a safe bet, not to mention the different colors with which it can come. The work of the artisans in linen is not only based on thick arrangements to avoid wrinkles so marked; also it protects the fabric so that it does not stain so easily.
  • Cotton: the blinds are perfect when working with cotton but, if you want something more sophisticated for the upholstery of a sofa; I recommend you go to get some velvet at once.

furniture naturia

White color in the window bars or in the metal of the coffee table is a very successful factor if you combine everything with a faint artificial light during the nights.

Of course, you cannot ignore details like the chimney and some other stuffed animal trophy. Depending on the area you are in, you will also want to vary.

Not all nature is green; we have a mysterious blue world yet to be discovered. So; the shades of blue and marine decorations, such as a large framed fish, will be more accurate if you live near the coast; or if you want to feel that you live near the coast.

On the other hand, the Nordic style also adapts to a more cold and inclement nature; But at last nature.

Outdoor Landscaping

furniture naturia

To say what furniture is reminiscent of nature for an exterior would be to say little.

Everything is limited according to your space and tastes (not your budget) when it comes to decorating. Although we always want everything immediately, the best thing you can do is move forward step by step; in this way the natural decoration is accustomed to its new surroundings calmly.

Something that will give it a very natural aspect, as if it were the magical lands of Ireland; is to add a small pond. You would be surprised what some calm water would do for your exteriors; both on a decorative level and by the nature that surrounds it.

Incorporate running water or a pond, a fountain or a well and then; let it evolve. Let your natural decoration do something that only nature knows how to do well; just let your decor grow.

In that sense, it is enough to say that there is no furniture that represents nature better than a plant in a pot; incorporate plants to the different rooms of your house, it will help to minimize the noise of the exterior and oxygenate the interior.


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