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Avoid The Top 10 Gaming Accessories for your games room Mistakes



After you’ve already taken that big step and set up a space in your house to be a playroom. It is time to add the game accessories that will make the new space a true sanctuary for fun, sharing and good leisure.

The options vary depending on the taste of each person. That is unquestionably true; nevertheless, there are many classics that we the designers of Decorating Visita Casas know that you cannot miss.

Besides that, there is a very powerful tendency that should not be ignored either.

Let´s discover all that together!

Bringing the Game Room to the Next Level

Can you imagine a bed without pillows?

How about a toilet without a lid?

It is true that we are talking about the room to have fun, to play. However; every good game come with rules that are necessary in order to have fun in a big way.

The same thing happens in the decoration. We decoration experts know that certain aspects are necessary to achieve the desired effect, that magical aura.

That is why we want to make an almost honorable mention of these games and give you another piece of advice on how to integrate them correctly. Otherwise you would have the equivalent of a toilet without a lid.

The Pool Table


We start with the most prominent classic of all, the pool table. Without doubt; of all the game accessories, the greatest of all. And it is more than a simple accessory; it is also furniture that adds character to the scene.

It is true that not all people have the space to have one in their new play space; however, if you count with space.

Do not hesitate to buy it!

I guarantee you will never regret it, and it is something that can easily last several generations in your family.

But neither I nor my family like billiards, we hate it!”

Okay, if you’re from that 0.01% who would not want to have a pool table even if they could then do not worry; here we give you other alternatives!

A Ping-Pong Table


A sport that requires physical and concentration skills, Ping-Pong cannot only be a great game for the new room; it can also become the first place that will see a great champion born.

The Ping-Pong does not demand a great expense neither at the beginning nor in the long term. The large table, which at the same time is much less delicate than billiards, could be used for many celebrations by simply placing a tablecloth over it.

4 small rackets, a set of 3 balls and a net; That’s the equivalent of having hours, months and years of family fun. Remember that Ping-Pong can be played simultaneously up to 4 people, it is not only the typical one vs. one.

Also, if you remember certain movie, you would know that even one person can have fun and practice Ping-Pong.

A poker table

That’s right, another table. Because you should not ignore the fact that the game room needs two table-types furniture to be complete; so that there is balance in the decoration.

The main features of the aforementioned tables are: they are very wide; their shape is of the square type, that is, with corners.

For that reason, although you can have a pool table or a tennis table and still include a table for Poker and all other cards or dice games.

Do not use two tables with equal shapes in the game room decor!

That will cause the energies to be cut, seeing the playroom people will inevitably feel an urgency to safeguard themselves; They will not know why, but I’ll tell you now. The corners being unconsciously sharp cause us to retract a little to avoid hurting ourselves with them.

If everything in the game room is sharp corners, most of all those tables to “have fun” people will not be 100% at ease.

A circular or oval table is the best alternative. You can play Jenga, Monopoly or Domino comfortably and since it is circular everyone will feel in the same rank hierarchy.

A Diana for Darts

When we talk about the game accessories, two things come to mind:

  • The image of a bar.
  • Billiards and darts.

So obviously you cannot ignore the bull’s eye on the wall to throw the darts and compete with friends who have better marksmanship while being alcohol dizzy.

C’mon everyone has done it before!

A game room cannot be complete without this fantastic accessory. It does not matter if you have young children; You just need to keep the darts out of their reach and educate them to know they are still too young to play with darts.

In any case if you see that they show a lot of interest, the best thing to do is buy one for the little ones ! Rubber nipple darts are fun too.

From the Classic to the Modern

Every playroom should have a set of furniture shaped in “L” or “U” around a table (this table’s shape does not matter, in fact, if it is square, it is small compared to furniture around it) that preferably serves as a trunk for glasses, cup holders and even for other games.

The most important thing about this specific area of ??the game room is; which should be dedicated to video games.

Digital entertainment is something that is often hard to control with children. However; when you have a space dedicated to fun children get used to doing their homework and then go to play.

Both areas while being separated become a great advantage!

And we cannot forget that with the recent launch of new consoles, coupled with the rise of E-Sports; a technological, digital and modern area, you cannot over look it in the games room.

The game accessories will be consoles, controls and games themselves. A large screen with LED lighting is the most recommended as this will not lose image quality when viewed from the angles.

Remember that you can also include a computer instead of buying many video game consoles since these titles are homologated for that equipment.

Last but not least in this technological area; try to keep the sound properly distributed to the sides of the screen and if possible behind you, but always avoid leaving cables hanging, the wiring should not be visible in the playground.

The same goes for games that are not being used. Keep order as much as you can. Only then you will develop fun with discipline, which is the best and healthiest of all diversions.

What about alcohol?

Is it a playroom for adults, children or the whole family?

That is a very important question to consider before adding alcoholic beverages to the room. It is not good that alcohol is within the reach of children or adolescents.

A bar gives a great appearance to the game room; however, if you have children or youngsters living with you that have free access to the playroom (and they should). It is best to keep that aspect out of their sight so they do not associate liquor with fun.

You could have a discreet bar of invisible doors; a bar in which to hang the glasses or even have a small glass door refrigerator. Just do not forget to keep the liquor under lock and key to prevent accidents.

Liquor bottles should never be considered gaming accessories or fun supplies.

Finally, remember that if none of the above options represent something you like because you’re more of the old school and you love RPG games. There are many tutorials on how to build your own Role play table.

A bookcase full of minis and manuals will be more than enough to create the perfect aura and instead of a bar, you could have a small exhibition of the last campaign or your last work painting the miniatures.

But please! Do not make your play room your workshop. Respect the purpose of this place as much as you respect the kitchen, your car or the office. Focus on what is important when you are in the gaming room:

Have fun!


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