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Glass Doors for your Interior | Decorating Visita Casas

Glass Doors


Doors are, just like decorative glass, the moveable part of a wall that is used to conceal an entrance. Also, they are useful to avoid spread of fire and conceal noise. But when we talk about glass doors; that is a complete different animal.

Glass doors are also decorative elements; and many times they can even be the protagonists, everything depends on the place in which they are located. For that reason, it is important to know how to take advantage of this curious design so popular in places like France.

Learning to Decorate with Glass Doors

Glass Doors

[one_half_first]Naturally, your glass door is the first part of the house that a visitor will see. Since it is the first then, we want it to be fascinating and inviting to the eyes. Front doors need to be equally strong and durable like the other constructive parts of the house. Tough to last the kind of weather outside and strong to be reliable that secures the house.[/one_half_first][one_half_last][/one_half_last]

Though we want the front doors to be solid, the interior doors also need to be strong but need not be as expensive as the front door. This allows you to focus on the design of your interior doors to fit the overall design of your house. You can choose from among the wide range of variety of door designs that the market now offers.

Although in this article we will focus mainly on the internal glass doors; before going further in the subject I want to explain two very important details concerning the glass doors at the entrance of the house.

Choosing the right door for the main entrance

First of all let’s talk a bit about the mystical aspect. In Feng Shui, the front door of the house is also known as the mouth; since it is where the guests enter and where the chi energies enter.

It is where the opportunities and the main input of energy nutrients for our house arrive. So when installing the door, you must ensure that it can be extended 90 degrees to facilitate the passage of chi energy and thus the good news.

It is important that the front door is visible and easy to access; so the best way is making it obvious, otherwise the chi will not be able to find the main entrance to your house and you will only have confusion and doubt in your life.

Some add ornaments that even emit sound, but bright or reflective things are more than enough; However, the glass is a double-edged weapon because, although it is capable of giving us a door that stands out, it does not really serve to contain these positive energy inside.

Imagine this glass configuration at the entrance as a glass of water filled with holes. The entrance door must be of solid wood and; proportional to the size of the house.

So I do not recommend using glassĀ on it and; if you already have it, then place dark curtains or obscure the glasses.

Choosing the glass door for the interior of the house

Unlike the main door that seeks to safeguard our security and privacy; the glass doors inside the house are designed to foster respect for privacy.

A double hinged door in the office of the house where the children can see father or mother working; it is great to keep in touch with the family at all times.

The important thing is to educate them so that they understand that just because they see Dad or Mom working, does not mean that they can enter.

The glass doors inside the rooms of a house are built with the intention of giving continuity to the spaces. Do not create divisions but threads of light.

That is why you will notice clearly how a glass door can better isolate the sound even than a solid one; but at the same time allows us to be in eye contact than the people on the other side of it.

In addition, its main concept at the time of its creation was to allow a greater amount of natural light to enter the different environments of the house. That is why French doors are the most famous glass doors in the world.

The French door is born of the necessity of sunlight during the day; But without sacrificing privacy by having to deal with all the noises from outside.

I guarantee you that there is more probability that you will hear a conversation through a thin wall than a French door.

The modern concept, sliding glass doors

If a double door cannot be opened wide; and if on the contrary one of the doors is always the one that opens or closes while the other is “shut”

Then in that house energy flows half, half opportunities, half happiness, half positive energies. Positive energies stagnate and rot in the closed door and become dead energies.

Glass Doors

The concept of folding glazed door seeks to compensate for this lack of energy circulation by offering visual and light continuity. However, that does not change the reality that one of the doors remains closed because “it cannot open well”

Thinking of that concept where furniture does not allow us to take advantage of a swinging door; But without giving up the privacy of noise insulation and preserving the decorative elements and safety, the sliding glass doors are born.

The concept is simple: a door that opens horizontally along a rail; this thanks to the two different mechanisms that allow you to open.

Whether they are sliding doors hung from above or sliding doors with bottom of gears. Both, if they are made of glass; They offer a much greater circulation of light and; The use of complete curtains to cover those that look towards the back garden, bring elegance to the interior of the home.

The lower gear sliding door is hardly used anymore, however, because of that same detail, they are currently the most economical in terms of installation.

And of course, we cannot ignore that full glass doors can become much safer than a wooden one in spite of being lighter and more fragile.

The best recommendation we can give you

Glass Doors

Investment in safety when using reinforced glass doors; it is an investment of those that are worth, but that our credit card will feel strongly.

However, do not forget: you can never be too careful. My recommendation is that you use full glass doors for that wall that faces the backyard.

Internally you can use French doors, especially in areas like the office or the entrance to the games room. If space allows you to place a double door, do it!

But it is also a good idea to place a half-timber door, half glass in the purest French style; these are especially useful for the rear doors of the house.

Glass Doors

And finally, never put doors with glass for the cabinets.

You can use them in the cupboard, in a great exhibition hall and of course in the bathroom; in the shower area. But never put them in the rooms; much less in the closets of children.

Remember that the minimalist style uses a lot of glass to improve the lighting of the rooms of the house and LED lights; especially in the garden area and kitchen.

So if you want more modern lighting, before you start buying light bulbs like crazy; Raises the possibility of adding glass doors to the furniture in your kitchen.


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