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How to Clean Glass Shower Doors

What is a day without some time spent in the shower room? But after having a good time with a fresher feeling and a cleaner body, you have to take note of that glass door that is full of residue buildups. Much like any rooms in your house, the shower room also needs attention to have its cleanliness maintained. Getting used to putting into action how to clean glass shower doors takes enough time for you to remember. Nevertheless, one thing you have to understand is that it is not a difficult task to learn that.

Set a day for cleaning the glass shower door
The more people who use the shower room, the more it is necessary to clean it in a regular basis. To be safe, a weekly scheduled cleaning of the glass shower door is ideal. The door, as part of the bathroom, needs to be always clean so that the refreshing atmosphere every time you enjoy your shower and even afterward is satisfactory. Keeping the door dirty for a long time will definitely make your job harder in the coming weeks. The more you keep the cleaning process a routine, the better the results will be.

Use white vinegar mixture
A household item you can use to clean the glass shower door is white vinegar. A mixture of a cup of white vinegar and a cup of water is a great cleaning agent. The steam is important for this procedure. If you haven’t finished having a shower, simply turn the hot water on to let steam fill the place first. Spray the mixture on the glass shower door and let it sit for a few minutes. Use a squeegee to remove the mixture from the glass door. Rinse the door with water and notice how sparkling it has become.

Use a bathroom shower door cleaner
There are products specifically intended to clean bathroom shower doors that you can buy from stores. Pick one that has a soft and non-abrasive design enough for the glass material of your door. There is no need to worry about scratching the glass because this kind of cleaning brush works best on glass shower doors. Also, you can have other products that can be sprayed to the surface of the glass. Simply spray on the glass, let the solution sit for 15-30 minutes and scrub the glass door afterward with a non-abrasive sponge.

Clean after every shower
One practical way to keep the cleanliness of the glass shower door is to clean it after every shower. It will not take too much of your time if you can do the cleaning every day. The more regularly you clean it, the easier it will be for you to scrub any buildup or mold off the door. Basically, all you need is a squeegee that you can keep inside the shower enclosure. Once you are done taking a bath, clean the glass by removing the water off. This way, you avoid staining the glass and having lime buildups.

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