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Helping teens decorate their bedroom


Teenagers have tricky choices when it comes to their bedroom. They tend to have their own ideas as to how their rooms should be decorated. Teenagers are not avid fans interfering parents. Parents would have to let their child settle on how their rooms look but they also have to share their opinions. Parents still have strong say on room decorating ideas for boy’s bedroom. This will help in creating a comforting area for a teen. Planning a room entails great considerations. What will follow are some excellent bedroom decorating for teenagers.

Teenagers bedroom

Color is an imperative element of a room is you have a small home. They should be balanced properly and the combination must also be pleasing to the eye. Teenagers who like lime color should add some dark colors to their room. On the other hand, if a dark color is preferred, the room should be accented with bright colors. If not sure of what colors to use, stick with the simple and the neutral. Another important aspect is the furniture and the things to be placed in the room. It is better to have a scaled model of the room for easy rearrangement. A new room doesn’t also mean new furniture. Furniture can always be repainted, designed and altered a bit to come up with a new look. There is a just a need to coordinate with a teen if he has a theme in mind.
Teenagers decorating room

A loft-bed that comes with a desk is a good piece of furniture. This would also aid in making more space in the room. A loft is elevated, so there would more area to work on. There would also be added space for extra drawers or closet. In a girl’s room, babinet and desk organizers are also good to have. Apart from being space minimizers, they also serve as décor. Accent on things don’t also mean that a lot of money is needed. There a lot of affordable stores that has good furnishings at low prices. Instead of buying shelves, they can be just made. A teenager can his things organized through such selves. This will help in minimizing the clutter in the room.

For walls, magnetic paint or stencils can be used. Girls usually prefer wallpapers. Teens also love to post things on their walls. To avoid unwanted tape or glue marking on the walls of the room, the idea of putting a track board can be considered. Set this as the area where they will put all their postings. The floor is a lesser aspect, but it can be considered. A carpet would be fine. For those allergic with carpet, a wood floor is suggested. If not, it could also be painted in accordance with a teens “theme” for his room.

Teenss bedroom decorating ideas

There a lot of bedroom decorating ideas for teenagers to choose from. As a teenager’ choice vary frequently, it is better if he has lot of ideas to choose from. Garage sales and secondhand shops trips are good habit. These shops usually offer quality finds at lower prices. It is also good to constantly rearrange a teen’s room to keep him from being bores. Beds can be updated by the addition of a headboard. There are also a lot pieces to available that can help change the mood of the room.

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