Easy interior house painting

When remodel by yourself, painting and designing a house can turn it into something beautiful (maybe helping teens to decorate their room). Your home serves as a way in expressing yourself, thus interior house painting is really something that any homeowner should do with care.

Interior house painting can be made into an easy job; painting a girl’s bedroom also. A classy home is achievable without you spending much money and exerting much work on it. Before you start painting, you have to consider first the design and style you want to do. You should take into consideration the paint color you will be using, make sure it matches to your theme and style. Painting the interior part of your house or painting wood furniture can be accomplished by any do-it-yourself home owners.

house painting

Here are a few tips in painting your interior house. Follow these easy do it yourself painting steps and the result will surely come out nice.

Things You Will Need :
o Rollers.
o Two sizes of brush.
o Trim / cornering sponge brush.
o Paint pan.
o Large amount of rags for wiping purposes.
o Newspapers or plastic for covering things.
o Masking tape.
o Screwdrivers in case fixtures need to be removed.

house painting by yourself

Easy To Do Steps:

1.) Clean the room and empty all the furnitures in it. Also clear the wall and ceilings from decorations like posters and paintings. Nails, tacks, tapes and other hangers should be removed. Patch holes which will no longer be used.

2.) Cover every inch of the floor with which you do not want to be painted with. This is to avoid painting portions you don’t want to get painted. To avoid messes, make sure that everything is covered, specially when you are painting your bedroom with red and brown.

3.) See to it that the walls are clean before you start painting. If the wall is dirty, use a sponge mop in removing the dirt to make your work faster and easier. After moping, rinse the wall well with water and allow it to dry.

4.) All electrical covers and light fixtures should be removed. Make sure that screws are properly inserted so they won’t be lost. Light fixtures which are not removed should be covered with tape or paper for protection from paint.

5.) Cracks and holes in both the walls and ceilings should be repaired first before painting the wall. If walls are rough, lightly sand it for it to be smooth.

easy house painting

6.) If everything is already covered and the repairs are already accomplished, you can now start painting the area. Start painting from the ceiling, then the walls and the doors.

Painting can be turn into a fun and exciting activity. Interior house painting paves the way for home improvement to occur. Not only does painting your interior house add beauty to its overall appearance, it also adds value to your home.

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