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How Do I Keep Roaches Out of My House?


How can we keep something out of our house when it has basically been invading the planet since before the time of the dinosaurs? Roaches smell bad, they can ruin food, and they bring threats to our health. You will not like them as neighbors, more so as house guests! So, make uninvited guests move out of your house… BY MAKING THEIR LIFE DIFFICULT! Make life for the roaches in your house as difficult as possible and they will be gone in no time.

So, how do I keep roaches out of my house? Here are some tips:

Know your guests
Roaches spend most of their lives hiding in the dark. They love damp and dirty places. They also love cracks and can squeeze in just about anywhere. Imagine young roaches fitting into a space as thin as a dime. What you must do:
• Make your home a clean haven… for people.

Annoying roaches

Don’t issue an invitation
Roaches love to eat. They can find all sorts of food just about anywhere. They can spot a spill or crumbs right away. They can sense where you left an open bag of food or candies. They love to party amongst the dirty dishes. And they could be having dream vacations in the trash cans. These are sure invitations for any roach-minded guests in your home. What you should do:
• Always clean up food spills and crumbs right away.
• Seal in bags of food and keep them refrigerated or in dry places.
• Avoid leaving dirty dishes and left-over food in open spaces like tables and sinks. Wash the used plates, cups and utensils right away and clear counter tops and sinks and wipe them dry.
• Take garbage out regularly and put a tight lid on it so it won’t get unexpected visits from the roaches.

Keep your doors locked
Roaches are nosy creatures that put their heads and dirty legs where they are not wanted. What you can do:
• Immediately attend to cracks or openings around baseboards and behind kitchen and bathroom counters. As roaches can fit into small openings, make sure you fill in gaps.
• Check for space under doors and around pipes or vents. These openings are welcome signals for roaches.
• Get rid of stacks of old newspapers, paper bags and cardboard boxes. These make good hiding places for roaches.
• If you’re bringing something from the backyard or garage or storage area into the house, check them out for possible roaches. They can be getting a free ride into your home without knowing it. This is the type of free shipping and handling that you can do without.


Cast a dry spell
Roaches need water to live. Without any source to drink, they die within a week even though they can live up to a month without food. What you need to do:
• Always turn off faucets when not in use and keep sinks and other surfaces dry.
• Drain dish drainers and dishwashers regularly and keep them clean.
• Fix leaks and avoid creating unnecessary pools of water where they are not supposed to. Damp places are very attractive to roaches

Remember, roaches do not belong in our homes. We must ensure that every nook and cranny of our home remains roach-free. Keep it up and they won’t invite themselves in our homes ever again.

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