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How much does it Cost to Cut a Concrete Slab?


Creating a slab is not that easy. Slabs are usually made of thick piece of stone, wood or other solid material which are broad and flat. Its purpose is to prevent the walls of structure from sinking that is why slabs have become one of the most basic foundation of any modern structures especially buildings. Failing to use slabs can cause the structure to sink.

Hollow concrete slab

There are three types of slab foundation used in construction:
• The first is the traditional T shaped slab foundation where in it is used in areas where the ground freezes. First, the footing is placed below the frost line and then the walls are added on top. The footing is usually wider than the wall to provide extra support on the foundation. Then after the wall is constructed, a T shaped slab if put.
• Second is on top Slab-on-grade foundation where this is used in areas where ground does not freeze. The edges of this type of slab are usually thicker that it’s interior.
• Last is the Frost Protected slab which only works and used on a heated structure. Unlike the traditional T shaped slab which the concrete is poured three times in an operation, the Frost Protected slab is only poured in one operation.

These three are the common types of slab foundation. So one might ask and put into consideration in building an architectural structure or let us say that you need to dig up your concrete slabs because of gas leaks in the basement. So basically you need a replacement for that so one would ask if how much it costs in cutting a concrete slab. There are lots of factors that need to be considered on how much it would cost in cutting slabs and some citations would link to the type of the saw being used – the lifespan of the blade and the operational cost and the productivity in using both saw – the band saw or the regular saw.

Concret slab wall

Another point to consider on the cost of cutting the slabs would be pricing. Factors such as the materials used for concrete slabs which usually are made of high mass materials, the type of slabs method to be used, as well as the measurement of the area would first likely to be considered. Depending on the manufacturer or the contractor, the price range would vary. Labor is also considered in the cost of cutting slabs. The price varies depending on which type of forming process of a slab is being used. In some beam/slab system, slab form may simply span beam side to beam side. While in some the slab must be stored in much the same way as is the beam bottom. In the former case, slab form productivities of 0.08-0.10 are common while in the latter productivities of 0.10-0.12 or higher may be warranted.

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