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How to Avoid Accidents in the Garage


A home accident does not necessarily have to occur inside the house for you to be cautious enough and take extra measures on improving your housekeeping. While, there are truly many accidents that happen inside the house itself, there are also accidents that happen in the garage. That part of your house that seems to be least unnoticed could be the scene of the accident later on. The idea of having accidents is definitely something you do not like to imagine, but learning how to avoid accidents in the garage is for the sake of the whole family.

Look for any leaked fluid
One of the most hazardous areas of your garage is the floor. Whenever you keep your car in the garage, there is the tendency of having the fluid of your automobile to seep into the floor without you discovering it. If you are not going to check for any leaked fluid before you leave the garage, it will simply lose its moisture and make the floor slippery. Prevent any slip accident by regularly checking the floor of the garage. It may consume a minute of your precious time before work, so make sure you prepare for work as early as possible.

Do not leave loose items
Loose items might get into the way of someone who walks into the garage or heavy objects might fall onto him. In order to prevent having someone trip over something, be sure that the space is free from wires and any other obstacles that make it hard for a person to get his way into the garage. Keep heavy objects against the wall instead of storing them anywhere in the middle of the room or high up in the air.

Keep poisonous materials out of reach
Keeping poisonous materials such as chemicals and cleaning agents out of reach is not only applicable to children. Adults may also misrepresent a can of pesticide as paint thinner for example. In order to avoid any accidents involving poisonous materials, store them in a stored place that can be locked. Garage cabinets are the best places for any material that must not be reached or taken easily. Also, do not forget to label them properly so that no one would get confuse one for another.

Fix the lighting
With a garage that has poor lighting, any kind of accident is very likely to occur. Make sure that the light in the garage is good enough for things to be seen easily. If there is any problem with your light fixtures, repair them immediately. Set up a number of lights depending on the essential areas of the garage.

Most importantly, secure a first aid kit in your garage. Accidents might happen without you realizing that you were not prepared. This is why it is always best to know how to avoid accidents in the garage for the safety of the entire household.

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