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How to Polish Silver and Gold


Jewelries made of gold and silver are some of the most priced possession for a woman. Most women cherish the idea buying them, wear them and making a beauty statement. However, the though part is maintaining the same level of shine and quality after few years of usage. All jewelry tends to loose it vibrancy shine and looks after few years of using it. Here in this article, I would like provide some information on how to prolong the longevity of these items without costing you much, and also how to reinvigorate the more stained and older items.

There are few do’s and don’ts of using any silver and gold jewelry. If carefully adhered to will extend the product life of your jewelry.
1. Try to wear gold or silver ornaments only after you have just colognes, make up or perfume. Some of the chemical present in perfume etc might react with gold or silver.
2. Avoid swimming in chlorine water when wearing gold or silver.
3. Store them in oil and dust free environment.
4. If you are allergic to gold or silver, which results in skin discoloration, then you need to reconsider the use of these items.
5. If your gold or silver chains are entangled, you to try to unknot them. Applying talcum powered or little drop of baby old with help you will unknot easily.

How to polish gold and silver?
1. Cleaning daily is one of the simple ways of maintaining the new look of the jewelry. It can be done by simple tools like a piece of cloth and a mild cleaning agent. Storing these jewelries in a zip locker after cleaning can prevent any dust and dirt form catching on.
2. To remove stronger stain or discoloring a solution of ammonia soaked in water can be very helpful. Soaking the jewelry in the solution for 15 minute, then scrubbing them with light brush and wiping with a soft cloth will get the shine back. In you want a stronger cleaning process then there are jewelry cleaning solutions available in the market. But be sure to check the chemical composition of these cleaning agents.
3. Here are some tips of cleaning a more tarnished silver.
o Take a heat resistant glass bowl and place an aluminum foil on the inside with the shinning part facing up.
o Then place the silver piece at the bottom touch the silver foil and add 1 tsp of baking soda along with water to cover the piece of jewelry. All the tarnish and impurities from the piece will be collected onto the foil.
o Take the silver piece out and wipe thoroughly, and there you will have thoroughly cleaned and shinning piece.

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