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How to Become a Set Decorator

As the one assigned on setting the overall appeal of a set, a set decorator is a professional who makes sure that a studio, outdoor location, or any other setup will have a realistic appearance based on the concept of the TV show, movie, or advertisement for which it is needed. In order to come up with a set that is believable to the eyes of the audience, one has to know first how to become a set decorator before engaging into such work environment. Here are some essential information on how to become a set decorator if you have the passion for decorating.

Have a background in decorating
One thing is for sure: not everyone who is part of the industry of set decorating does not have a degree in interior design, architecture, or any other related art courses. But then again, some employers tend to look at the bachelor’s degree of an applicant. If you are determined to finish an education that is related to interior design, you are very free to do so. However, it pays a lot for one to have a background in decorating. Take note that there are those who may not have the proper background in decorating but exhibit adeptness in art. If you have the skills necessary to be a set decorator, then you have an advantage.

Gain hands-on experiences
Since being a set decorator is a position of high rank in the art department of any production, it is best that you start from a low-ranking position. By doing so, you can get the hands-on experiences and learn the skills necessary for you to get the hang of setting up.

Look for a mentor
Having a mentor will definitely make you turn into a mature set decorator eventually. With the right person by your side, you will learn more techniques on giving your best as part of the art department. True enough, taking one step at a time brings about better chances for you to end up with your dream job.

Give meticulous attention to details
Since being a set decorator requires you to prepare props for various setups, it is very essential that you know how to give meticulous attention to details. Ask yourself if you give much importance to details in your life. If you think that you tend to take for granted even the minutest details, then you probably have to work on it. Being a set decorator entails the responsibility of taking every detail into evaluation and improving whatever needs improvement. Moreover, it pays to have the skills on efficiently setting up and resetting up. Whenever the shoot is done, it may require another shoot the next day. If such is the case, dismantling the props, storing them, and reassembling for the next shoot must be executed with maximum management.

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