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Find a Interior Design Course That Matches Your Personality

First of all let’s make it clear that an interior decorator is not the same as an interior designer, even when bot work in the design field.

The knowledge that an Interior Designer possesses and the hours of study he has had to invest in front of a computer in order to be able to call himself and be recognized as a designer; in truth they are very different to the hours of training that a decorator requires.

If you want to learn a little more about that complex world that, once you master it perfectly, it pays so well; then stay and I will show you.

Changing the Space Into Something Made of Art


An interior designer can improve the functionality and qualities of space; thanks to its ability to project a better environment through spatial manipulation and surface treatment, an interior designer creates art.

It takes more than a good eye to choose the right colors and also requires more than natural talent. It is in itself, the exploitation of that talent and the training of it to take it to the next level.

Among the main programs that as interior designers we use, here at Decorating Visita Casas, we have:

• AutoCad
• V-Ray Sketchup
• Adobe Photoshop
• 3D Max

In addition to that, we help with 3D element generators like Trimble – 3D Warehouse.

Although previously the career of interior design demanded much from the person in question; today many elements are already made to facilitate learning.

This is because, as an interior designer, you must be fully self-taught. An interior design course can give you the foundation you will need to understand how to use all the tools.

However, the real interior designer is the one who can create something from scratch; only the one who knows how to make the best of a blank 3D canvas is who really can be called an interior designer.

How to Start in Interior Design?

One of the most difficult questions we are asked frequently at Decorating Visita Casas is: How do we begin in this world? The truth is that it was not easy. The correct thing of course is training. Study a related career with what you want to do in the long run in your life, discover your passion.

However, the university will not teach you everything; so you must invest in courses, especially in this type of business where the market is constantly updated. The new decorative styles are not born by chance. The need to create a space that suits our rhythm of life; in combination with the brainstorming that comes from experiencing a new culture, from which come the decorative styles.

The experience of an interior designer is enriched when he begins to appreciate how the world around him is designed; their history and why things were made in the beginning the way they are today.

The Tools for the Interior Design


The hardware you will need to work correctly is the biggest investment you will make. Beyond the course, the money you will actually invest to be able to work as an interior designer is reflected in your working tool.

Here are the requirements you should have to work comfortably and professionally:

• Intel Core i7 6th Generation
• GTX 460 4GB
• 2 Monitors

Although I currently use a 7th generation processor, 16GB RAM and a 6GB GTX 1060; I know you can start with an investment of USD 850.
Do not invest your money in a laptop for the design and; you could also decrease the expense a little if you decide (as I did at first) to leave out the LUMION program.

The amount of graphic memory it required is a lot, so I had to wait until I got the new graphics I now own.
Another investment that you should make in progress is: Spanish.

There are many Spanish speaking clients that require an interior designer and, to be able to explain to your client, in addition to being able to understand it; is extremely necessary.

Many times you will be in a situation where speaking the same language as your client, you will feel that he does not know to explain what he want you to do for him. Imagine what happens when you speak different languages.

There are many countries where Spanish is spoken; so I recommend the course of this language in conjunction with the interior design.

Studying Interior Design

There are many videos tutorials that are obtained on the web where they show how to use the programs that we mentioned above.
The important thing is that you understand that just by having studied a tutorial for three days, does not mean that you will be able to create the best renderers on the market.

Practicing your skills is very important. Not only is it trial and error, but also efficiency. The speed with which you design should be the same with which your ideas flow.

An investment in USD 1600 hardware implies that you will have a tool with a very high response time; so you will have the speed necessary to design complex projects in an hour.

How to Live been a Interior Designer?


You do not need to invest years of study to make yourself known. The Marketing strategy that I am going to raise next was the one I followed when I started with Interior Design.

• Identify customers
• Create a good Dossier
• Create a good image of you

The Clients

A great company, an architect, a student, contests; there are many potential customers you can find on the market. Helping students is something that will grow your experience, unfortunately, not all of them have the money to pay adequate fees; but helping them will serve to make you known.

Big companies pay well, but they have very strange policies when it comes to paying. You can spend up to 90 days without seeing a single cent of a job completed due to their payment policies.

An architect will facilitate the work, will explain in detail what he wants and what he needs, however; you will be in the dilemma of charging little in return for always having work or charging what you should.

The contests are a double-edged sword that I learned how to handle. The ideal is to establish a very affordable price for the customer, nonetheless; protects your intellectual property with a contract that states that “if win the contest” the client must pay an additional amount.

Your Dossier

Sell what customers want to buy. If you’re looking for a hotel that specializes in selling honeymoon packages and want someone to design the new rooms; do not show them kitchens.
Identify customer needs and create a portfolio of 15 or 20 images with your ideas, tell to the client how you will approach the project; you should not simply show what you know, you must show that you know how to do what he needs to be done.

Your Image

You need a website. No, not a FaceBook profile, you need a corporative image where customers can see your work and contact you.
The professional image of the website will be your letter to the world. Even if you are not good at designing a page yourself, then you can hire someone; a person that you could add even to your team.

Keep in mind that presence on social networks is necessary today. But the bigger jobs even a really professional level, you will get them through your web domain. Compared with the course investment and the investment in your working tool, a domain does not represent even 10% of a job that you do.

Solidifying Your Career

Your own experience and the name you have made with your work and effort may be your greatest allies to establish yourself; as a successful interior designer, there will always be someone who wants to follow in your footsteps.


At that point you should start imparting your knowledge, but do not do it for free. Now you can sell courses online or give speeches about your methods, jobs and projects.

Make good use of your reputation and always maintain a workload that allows you to remain within the radar in the market; but spend more time helping students through your well-educated knowledge, not taking your jobs in exchange for money.


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