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How to Become an Event Decorator


In order to come up with a good concept for an event, many clients prefer hiring an event decorator to help them out. More than the concept, the very blueprint of how the setting will be decorated is taken into consideration by an event decorator. Ending up with a satisfying result relies on the cooperation between the event decorator and the client. Knowing how to become an event decorator is very crucial if you have the passion for decorating events and meeting the visions of your clients. Follow these steps on becoming an event decorator and land on a job you could truly love.

Evaluate yourself
Bear in mind that it all starts with you. Take time on evaluation your skills and how they can fit in with the requirements of being an event decorator. Basically, you need to be creative and well-organized. Without creativity and organization, the overall appearance of the event will definitely suffer. Assess your communication skills because these are very essential when working together with your client. Being a successful event decorator depends on how you execute your skills and make improvements right away.

Familiarize with events
So what really happens during an event? Take an existing event as an example and learn the nooks and crannies of what it takes for it to be called an event. There are different components that you must get familiar with just like registration, invitation, entertainment, speaker, food and beverage, and many others. Decorating an event has to pull these components altogether. Knowing the typical stages of holding an event will let you discover more things about event decorating.

Gain hands-on experiences
Just like with any other jobs, it is ideal to gain practical experiences wherein you can utilize your knowledge with your hands on what must be done. You do not necessarily have to start with big companies. Take your personal life and see how you do your best on decorating a family event, college event, or office event. It may be a small gathering but here are where you can employ your skills.

Get certified
Although certification is not always required by several companies, it will surely be a plus to show a certification during an interview. There are numerous programs available for anyone who wants to undergo special training in event decorating and end up getting certified. Being trained is something you can be proud of especially if you are determined to make the most out of your job in the future.

Come up with your own portfolio
A portfolio is the collection of your work samples. During an interview, you can give a good impression about your excellence in your own field. With all your experiences and trainings, it will be very easy for you to collect samples of your work and organize them in a porfolio.

Once you are thoroughly prepared to get hired, look for openings where you can apply as an event decorator. With your knowledge on how to become an event decorator, you will surely finish off as one.

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