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[Guide] How to Choose a Color Scheme for your home

color scheme


Finding the perfect color scheme for decoration! There are difficult questions and then there is the question, Nora, what color should I paint? Do not misunderstand me, it is not that I do not have an answer; but do you have enough time to hear it?

To give the right color that should take your decoration starting from scratch, the truth becomes very difficult; you must take many variants such as: culture, your zodiac sign, your tastes, Feng Shui, karma, religion… too many things.

And that is just one particular case, how do I respond in a generalized way? Well I’ll try.

Using the Ideal Color in Decoration

color scheme
color scheme

I do not want to get into philosophies like “black is not a color, it is a value” or “black is the best color of all because it is the fusion of all colors” or “black is black because it absorbs all light, Perfect black is the Vantablack “

Please do not make this already difficult subject impossible.

If it is about to choose the color scheme or ideal colors for the decoration of the house of a particular person; I can then summarize it in the following lines in a very general way.

So take care and take note or save in your favorites this subject; so that you can check it whenever you need it because of insurance also I will be updating it regularly.

Dividing the house into sectors

The color of a house or room is what captivates any visitor. It also influences the atmosphere of that room. Choosing the right color can transform a dull house into a vibrant and lively atmosphere.

When choosing a color for your home; It is important to take into account some basic characteristics of the consequences of that color in that room:

a dark color makes the room look smaller and the bright colors create the impression of a larger room.

That is the most basic of all, however; remember that colors directly affect emotions. What emotion corresponds to what color? How intense will the influence of color be on that emotion?

These are the most important questions to answer, then you should then choose the color saturation and intensity level in the tones.

Yes, it is a very demanding creative process when you want everything to be well done. For me it’s a pity that I can not be there with you so I can help you in your specific case; But with these generalized tips of insurance you will achieve much, at least you will not be alone in this work.

But first!

Let’s talk about the painting itself. Remember that outdoor paint is much more resistant to the direct shock of UV rays, mold and rainwater; You can use exterior paint for a wall inside your house, which I do not recommend doing, it’s just the opposite.

An interior painting on an external wall will entail great expense in the medium and long term; in truth you must re-paint many times more.

Another detail is the finish of the painting. There are three types: matte, semi glossy, glossy.

The first is an opaque paint regardless of the color, the second finish will give you a very subtle but appreciable shine; The glossy paintings instead do not recommend using them on complete walls that are very large.

It is true that there are some exceptions, such as the gambling hall; But still the shock of the brightness is very strong; Remember that the interior painting is made with water and acrylic that in itself stands out enough.

Let’s Talk about Color for Every Stay in the House!

color scheme
color scheme

Always analyze the accessories you have purchased yourself

  • Why do you like that cushion so much?
  • What is special about this curtain?
  • Why do you like this fabric so much?

There you will find the key to determine which color you like most and, very important; What is the base color that could accompany those accessories that you chose specifically for that area of ??your home.

Always keep in mind that color to buy the fabrics, to continue adding cushions and of course to paint the walls

But Heads Up!

That will not be the color you will have in the whole house.

I recommend that you always use as color base on the walls a color that is neutral in nature. The diversity of decoration is given by the accessories that make up each room in your home.

I’m not detracting from the painting on the wall, but I do tell you that the real leading factor comes to be the scenery, not the bottom of it.

The Colors and Feng Shui

According to the different cardinal quadrants; Feng Shui teaches us that the flow of energy is reinforced or diminished according to the colors we use.

The different areas of your home may not be in the most suitable place according to the corresponding cardinal quadrant to place the color you prefer; In those cases I recommend that you bow down to what you really want.

In any case, the detailed information of all the colors that correspond to each element of Feng Shui and how you do to determine those Quadrants; You can check everything in this other article.

Just do not forget that the compass points to magnetic north!

Colors According to Emotions

color scheme
color scheme

Light colors like yellow, orange and red; Are energetic colors that will look much better in small accessories or in children’s rooms.

Orange can work very well in the dining room or in the kitchen; You can also include in the game room a little red.

Colors like green, blue and violet; Are cool, relaxing colors. That is why it is best to use them in the rooms destined to rest.

Remember that you can use the same color but in different shades or values; Brighter or darker depending on the size of the room.

Colors and Illumination

Colors change according to lighting, that’s why; If you want to be 100% sure how a color will look at the different times of the day

• Go to the store

• Ask for the color circle test

• Take it to your home and tape it on the wall

So you can see how it looks according to the amount of Light you receive, both natural and artificial.

And if you live in a country where your economy allows you to buy without problems the amount of paint you want without affecting your pocket so much!

Take the Risk!

Buy two colors and paint two pictures on the wall, so you can see exactly how the color will look with the passage of the hours during the day.

The General Rule in the Whole Color Scheme within Your Home

You can not forget the ceiling. Both the ceiling and the floor, people do not pay much attention to the time of painting. Most of the time, the floor may not require painting. And the ceiling already comes with a default color.

However, when you learn to play with the colors on these two surfaces, you get magnificent results.

Just keep the color of the ceiling always clearer than the walls; otherwise, you will feel as if the ceiling is coming to you or as if you were oppressed, especially in bed.

Mathematics of Color

It is very important that you calculate how much paint you are going to need, so that you can prepare all the color in unison and you will keep A uniformity.

color scheme

Take note!

Each gallon of paint is equivalent to 27 mts2 of wall.

Putting into practice all these tips, I assure you that you will be able to find the right color scheme that you were looking for and needed. Of course, always remember that it is you who will live there. Do not try to impress or please others. Think first of all of your comfort, second in the comfort of your family; And then if you want you can consider the opinion of the neighbors.

Painting is always a pleasant and enriching experience, so I hope you have fun the next time you decide to paint the walls in your house.


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