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How to Choose Quality Furniture


The dilemma of making decisions on how to choose quality furniture is often due to the strong emotion or instantly falling in love, the moment you see a piece, most especially if the price is really that attractive. According to a furniture expert, buying furniture relying only on the basis of beauty or low cost, will not likely result to a long-term service or an enduring utilization. And this is particularly true in buying upholstered furniture as poor manner of construction and low quality materials could be concealed under comfy layers of cushions, stuffing, fabrics and other materials.

How to choose quality furniture which will result to a successful furniture purchase involves a cautious calculation between intellect and emotion. If you don’t have the proper knowledge and experience in choosing high quality furniture, the best thing to do is to ask or seek help. You could also do some research on the internet or read books about furniture. In this way, you would be able to see different pieces of furniture and specific articles regarding its assortment, proper selection, handling and usage.

Aside from doing research and asking for help or information to those who are knowledgeable of choosing high standard furniture, you could also be guided by the following guidelines:
• Inspect the kind or the quality of the wood used in the frame or foundation. It should be strong and durable. The quality of wood used in the construction has a say on the period of time the furniture would endure. It could be classified as hardwood, which comes from trees like mahogany, birch, oak, maple and cherry. Woods from these trees are air dried and kiln dried afterwards, so that moisture will be totally removed. On the other hand, softwood is formed from pine, cedar, redwood and fir trees. Quality furniture could also be made from these kinds of wood but they are quite prone to dents and scratches. Aside from hardwood and softwood, there is another kind of wood and it is called engineered wood or plywood. It is widely used since it can also provide strength and does not distort or split easily. With premium quality coating, plywood can be made to solid, enduring and very appealing furniture.

• Look at the way a piece of furniture was constructed or made. Carpentry is also a vital factor on the durability of furniture and its overall quality. No amount of glue used and corner blocks should be visible outside the joints. Screws must be exactly fitted. When jostled or rocked, no screeching, distortion or wobbling effect should be experienced.

• An excellent finish undergoes proper sanding, good staining and perfect finishing. A piece of furniture should be smooth, doesn’t have rough patches or scratched surfaces. On the other hand, staining boosts wood’s genuine beauty and improves its color and appeal. A good staining should be well-blended, leaving no dark areas. And finally, the stage of finishing should result to a glossy smooth or elegant matte surface free from uneven spots, bubbles or unwanted specks. There should be finery and depth in it.

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