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Mohawk: Flooring with durability


Like, unfinished hardwood floors, mohawk is one of the respected brands in flooring. It ranges from Mohawk carpets to rugs and now it introduces its new innovative creation called Mohawk Laminated Flooring. These new flooring features InstaClic which is glueless installation based upon preparatory technology. Here are some
reasons why you should have Mohawk Laminated Flooring in your home:

* With the glueless laminated flooring you can just slide and fit together the boards. This provides you fast-fitting and you can never get too tight in a spot

* May it be classic or contemporary, you will surely find a style, color and texture that will fit you. Wooden floors offers you a wide range of designs from real wood to stones or even tiles. You name it and Mohawk laminated flooring has it.

mohawk floors
mohawk floors

* Similar to linoleum floors, Mohawk will adapt in every room. Just simply follow the right way of installation and you’ll surely get the best results.

* When it comes to resistance, Mohawk is ready to face and wipe off high heels, cigarette ashes and even kiddy calamities and avoid water damage. It is also built with strong resistance from scuffs and scratches.

* Maintaining and keeping your Mohawk floorings is easy. A damp mop is all you need but there are also cleaners which can be purchased in supermarkets. Make sure that these cleaners you bought are recommended by your supplier. When it comes to stains a nail polish
remover will do its magic.

* Mohawk flooring is not sunlight sensitive which means you don’t have to worry about color fading due to sunlight.

* Mohawk flooring comes with padding which makes the floor more comfortable like in the kitchen and this will make your feet much comfortable and relaxed. It has also underlayment which diminishes the irritating hollow sound laminated floors produce.

Things to remember in keeping you laminate floorings:
– Keep your floor from dogs and cats or other animals that will damage your floors. Although Mohawk floors are durable but they can be scratched with untrimmed pet claws.

– Never drag furniture with laminate flooring instead place underlayment below the heavy object to be drag in order to protect your floors.

– It is also advised to use walk off mats in your doorways and felt pads under your all furniture legs.
– There are colored burn-in, filler sticks available for deep scratches, gouges and chips. These are used with special electric knives in order to repair these areas.

– If the damaged plank is severe you can do replacements without destroying the whole floor. Special tools, router bits and wood spines are used for plank replacements that make work easier.

So if you are looking for floorings that will fit your personality and style, this floor is for you!

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