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How to Clean a Fish Tank


Keeping a fish tank does not end in buying one and setting it up. There is actually more to maintaining it to ensure that everything is safe for your fish. Once you have found out that your fish tank is in chaos, it is best to do appropriate actions. Wondering how to clean fish tank is typical for those who are just starting to properly care for a fish tank, but all the more you need to check how you put an effort on this pressing matter if you have been keeping one for some time now.

Purchase an algae eater
If you are having problems about growths of algae in your fish tank, the best solution to these is purchasing an algae eater. Since fish need enough sunlight, many owners tend to place the tank somewhere where the fish can be exposed to the sun. However, this will only thrive the growths of algae. Whether you want to get rid of the algae from rocks and plants, an algae eater, also known as Plecostomus, can do the job for you.

Remove the algae manually
Some people do not like the idea of keeping Plecostomus because they do not look great inside an aquarium. If you find this a trouble, then securing an algae scraper is just the thing to do. Simply visit your pet store and ask for an algae scraper. Use this to scrape the algae hands-on. There are also algae-fighting solutions that you can simply pour in the water.

Install a power filter
One of the most common issues when maintaining a fish tank is dirty water. This issue can be handled by a power filter that is very easy to clean. With frequent cleaning of the power filter, you can rest assured that your tank is always clean. Make sure you dispose of the old cartridge from the filter and replace it with a new one. If you see that there is a slow water flow from the power filter, that is the best time to change cartridges. Apart from acting as an oxygen source, the cartridge of the filter helps on removing the discoloration and impurity of the water.

Get rid of the foul smell
Since your fish are practically pissing in their very toilet, expect a foul smell every now and then. But then again, you can do something to get rid of the foul smell. Remember that the cartridge you place in the power filter acts an odorizer and neutralizer. With proper maintenance and regular replacement of this cartridge, you can truly make sure that your tank will not have that foul smell.

It all boils down to maintaining a healthy environment for your fish by knowing how to clean a fish tank. A well-maintained tank means a well-maintained keeping of an eye for their lives.

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