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Tips on swimming pool equipment and maintenance


Swimming pool equipment runs the ploy from the most expensive machines to the accessories such as the colored lights that helps make the pool unique from the others. While having a pool can be a lot of fun and creates for a natural assemblage extent during parties and functions, it can also be very expensive. Maintaining a pool with the proper equipment takes a lot of patience and bucks. The most popular place to find this equipment is at a swimming pool supply store. These stores have everything down from the chemicals used to make pool water safe and non toxic to the latest toys and games that make the swimming pool fun. The stores also have a wide variety of pool pumps and filters or at the smallest have a supplier where they can be obtained moderately quickly. Some even offer pool cleaning and maintenance services.

The types of pool equipment can be discussed into three major areas: the large components, the components necessary for everyday use, like the heating pumps for swimming pools, and the accessories, like pool safety fence. Each has its own role, although the first two may be well though to be more essential than the third. While it may seem that some prices are low and some are high, that can be somewhat deceiving.

Swimming pool fenceThe large components composing up the primary area of equipment includes the pool pump, pool filter systems and the pool safety cover. The pump is utilized to power the pool’s circulation system as well as bring water to the filter for cleaning. Primarily, these two pieces are going to be the greatest expense you have to pay, other than the pool construction itself. Both are capable of running into thousands of pesos.

However, the components of swimming pool equipment that are essential for daily use are usually expenses that are in progress. These involve chemicals that must be replaced at least once a week, if not more frequently. Chlorine is one of the most prominent chemicals for most swimming pools. Others include acid and chemicals designed especially to kill sturdy algae that usually builds up on the swimming pool floor.

Accessories are, probably, the most optional type of swimming pool equipment. One does not really require a light to illuminate the pool during night swimming. Deck furniture is also not necessary, though it may be desirable to some. Toys, usually a hit among kids, are another accessory that many can do without. However, probably due to their optional nature, these accessories often end up being some of the cheapest pieces of equipment available in swimming pool supplies shop.

Swimming pool cleaners and options

Before we want to take a dive on our swimming pools we always want to make sure it’s clean and maintain it chemical water balance. Whether it is a public pool or just your own you have to clean it everyday because it is exposed to a lot of bacteria, or any dirt from people who get in the pool or just from anywhere like falling leaves or debris especially because most swimming pools are not covered. There are a lot of swimming pool cleaners that are best for your swimming pools depending on where it is located or what it is like. There are two types of swimming pool which are in ground pools and the above ground pools which is actually based on where the swimming pool is built whether in the ground or above it. Each type has different kinds of pool cleaners but they also have common cleaners. These are the basic swimming pool cleaners no matter what the type is:

Swimming pool safety cover
Swimming pool safety cover

• Leaf rake – this is used to remove the falling leaves or dried leaves, or any dirt like plastic wrappers of candies or any debris on the pool.
• Pool/ Tile brush – this is used to clean the tile floor of the pool or the tiles above the ground of the pool.
• Vacuum hose – this is used to connect your manual vacuum head to your skimmer to keep your pool sparkling clean.
• Vacuum head- This is used as an air pump that creates a vacuum to suck up dirt and sediments on the pool or on the ground. The debris and other sediments that are collected by the filtering system found in the vacuum. This is usually used for your in ground plaster or fiberglass pool.

• Automated pool cleaner – this has been a best friend of swimming pools. It is a vacuum cleaner which collects debris and sediment from swimming pools with out the aid of any human or manual cleaner. Swimming pools that use this cleaner regularly make the pool not only visually cleaner but it also means that fewer chemicals are used which lessens the operating or maintenance costs.

These are only a few of the swimming pool cleaners in the market today. These are just actually the most basic tools that you need to clean your swimming pools. Public pools or huge pools also need bigger cleaners like vacuums. We also have some trusted brands of swimming pool cleaners like Hayward Pool Cleaners, Pentair Pool Cleaners, Polaris Pool Cleaners, Sta-Rite Pool Cleaners, and Zodiac Baracuda Pool Cleaners. These manufacturers doesn’t just offer swimming pool cleaners but other pool products as well like pool covers, different pool cleaner parts and accessories and everything you need for your swimming pools.

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