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How to Clean a Plasma Screen


One of the perks of a plasma screen TV is that it provides clear and quality pictures when watching different TV programs. Unfortunately, dirt and other foreign marks and particles on the TV’s plasma screen could compromise the high quality of the pictures. In order to make the most out of one’s plasma screen TV one should always keep it clean and neat.

In order to efficiently clean plasma screen TVs, one needs two soft cloths or towels. Make sure that these cloths or towels do not come with any embellishments that may scratch or mark the plasma screen TV. The first cloth should be slightly wet with some clean water. Make sure to use a very minimal amount of water when wetting the first cloth or towel because too much could cause damage to your plasma screen TV. With this damp first cloth, thoroughly wipe all around the plasma TV. Be sure to wipe not only the screen and the screen’s frame but also the side and back of the TV. A plasma screen TV is clean all over, not just in front. When this is done, use the second cloth to dry out all areas as well as clean up any remaining dirt or filth.

If one is interested in using a cleaning liquid, make sure to use ammonia-free solutions that will not damage the plasma screen. If one is not sure where to find such cleaning liquids, one can visit a nearby hardware store or appliance store in order to inquire about it. Sometimes, hardware stores or appliance stores even carry TV cleaning kits that come with all necessary tools and solutions to get the job done.

As mentioned, other parts of the TV must also be given cleaning attention, not just the screen. Take a vacuum cleaner and put it on the lowest setting then use it to gently lift any dust or foreign particles that may have gotten into the TV vents or speaker holes. This is a very important part of learning how to clean that because too much dust settling on the inner parts of the unit could cause it to overheat and eventually malfunction.

Though the steps in learning that may be relatively easy, it is important to remember that the best way to keep a TV clean is by not getting it dirty at all. Avoid touching parts of the TV when one’s hands are dirty or wet. Do not eat or drink near or over the TV and do not use the TV as a shelf for other items. If desired, TV covers can be purchased and placed over the TV units when they are not in use so as to protect dust from entering it. With acquiring just a few new habits, one’s TV will surely continue to produce high quality watching experiences for all.

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