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How to Clean CDs with Toothpaste


Despite the charm and old-time cool that CDs have, it is undeniable that they can be difficult to maintain. As they are made of a thin, specialized form of plastic, they are generally easily scratched. Unfortunately, as many CD owners probably already know, even just a single scratch on a CD can cause its contents to be damaged or stop working at all.
For this reason, CD cleaners were invented. Although these are easily accessible, made available in many hardware and appliance stores, constantly purchasing these CD cleaners could come to be quite costly. As an alternative, average individuals have come up with cheaper yet equally efficient ways to clean CDs using common household materials. Though not all may believe it, it is possible to clean CDs with toothpaste.

Before you start however, you must first remove any excess dust or foreign particles from the CD’s surface. You can use a damp soft cloth or cotton ball to do this. Wipe the CD thoroughly with the soft cloth or cotton ball, both on the front and back sides. If any water droplets are left on the CD after this, pat them dry. Once this is done, take your toothpaste in hand and squeeze out a generous portion onto the scratched area of the CD. It is important to note that toothpaste in actual paste form is the best for this job, rather than toothpaste in gel form. When you have a good amount of toothpaste on the scratches of the CD, start rubbing the area with a soft cloth in small, circular motions. Be sure not to use tissue or textured towels as these may cause even more scratches to appear on the CD.

After several minutes, remove any remaining traces of the toothpaste from the surface of the CD with another damp towel or cotton ball. When it has dried, insert your CD into a computer or any CD player to see if your efforts have worked. If not, simple try the process again.

An alternative to using a soft cloth is to simply place the CD under a tap of running water. Warm water is usually recommended but be sure to moderate the amount of heat being used as too much heat is known to permanently damage CDs. With the scratched areas of the CD covered in toothpaste, scrub away using your hands and fingers. Be careful to cut your nails before trying out this method to avoid any additional scratches. After several minutes, pat the CD dry and see the results.

Though it may be difficult to believe, toothpaste really is an effective cleaning solution for old and scratched CDs, especially when the scratches are not too deep. Before you bring yourself to disbelief, give the process a try and you yourself will surely be amazed.

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