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Applying the Magic to Your Shelves


We all know that shelf liners can be very useful in our household. It can be your decoration and it can also be used as your glassware and dishes’ protection from dirt and many more. Shelf liners can be made of different materials. Examples of these materials are plastic, cork and coated paper.

If you’re still confused on how to place the shelf liners properly, here are the basic steps you can follow in order to have an appropriate aligning of your shelf liners unto different shelves or cabinets:
1. Determine first the different materials to use. The following are the materials we need for this project: tools, shelf liner, pencil, ruler or tape measure, straight edge.
2. Eradicate the materials placed inside the shelf or cabinet that you will apply your shelf liner on. Also, thoroughly clean the surfaces. You can use ammonia or alcohol. Cleaning the surfaces is important especially if you’re going to use adhesive shelf liners.
3. Measure the shelves and determine the sizes of shelf liner that you are going to use. Do not just rely on one measurement because some cabinets or shelves have a different measurement even if they looked like just the same.
4. Choose a shelf liner that is wider or more of the same size with the shelf or cabinet. Roll out the liner and let at least half of an inch of liner be longer than the length of the shelf itself. The extra length can be used if there will be problems regarding the shelf liner.
5. Cut the shelf liner to size. Draw a straight line and cut it. The width of the liner can also be cut depending on the size of the shelf that you are currently using.
6. Applying the shelf liner is not that hard. When you are using adhesive shelf liners, remove the backing so that the liner will be attached to the shelf at ease and with no difficulties. If you’re not worrying if the liner will slip off, you don’t need to remove the backing.
7. Place and fit the shelf liner. If there are excess, feel free to cut it. Now to apply, peel off a little bit of the backing of the back corner. Put the liner unto the shelf with of course, on the right position then press down the corners of the liner. You can peel off the backing while pressing down the liner to be sure that the liner will stick to the shelf.

Now, those are the easy and simple steps to apply your shelf liners to your cabinets, shelves and many more. Just follow the different steps if you still want to apply other shelf liners to your things. Don’t forget to place all things back once finished! Enjoy!

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