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How to Clean Furniture


Furniture is an essential part of every home. It is considered as a form of decorative art that livens and beautifies one’s abode. Choosing the appropriate furniture can create a comfortable and convenient interior space in the area of the house where they are placed. With the many available choices of furniture, you can purchase items to achieve a particular theme or motif in your home. Cleaning your furniture, however, is a whole other matter. It is almost as important as the selection and buying process of the furniture.

The first step on how to clean furniture (like sofas, for example) is to remove all loose cushions. Loosen dirt with a handheld dusting brush while using a vacuum brush attachment to remove the dust itself. Vacuum all the surfaces of the furniture including the back, sides, arms, skirt and the platform beneath the cushions. Also vacuum both sides of the loose cushions. Once vacuuming is over, place the cushions back in the furniture. A laundry or liquid dish detergent is used to clean the furniture per se by picking an area on the furniture, dip the cloth and rub suds on it. Using this method, dirt will begin to appear in suds as they work. A scraper is used to scrape suds away. Then rinse area with a damp cloth and repeat these steps on other areas of furniture, even allowing for overlap of areas during cleaning.
After that, allow the furniture to dry overnight. Using an electric fan blowing on furniture is preferable for fast drying. One of the best ways of keeping the furniture clean is by using the preventative method which is to vacuum the furniture weekly to remove dust and prevent heavy soiling of the cushion fabric. In order to keep the cushion fabric from hurdling when vacuuming, place a piece of nonmetallic window screen between the vacuum nozzle and the cushion fabric.

Cleaning furniture takes time and a lot of effort too. In order to avoid intensive cleaning, vacuuming once a week or as often as necessary is one of the easiest cleaning routines to do. Removing dirt and dust on a regular basis will keep the furniture clean and in good condition. Rotating or fluffing the cushions will help retain their shape, thus, saves the owner from buying a new one from time to time. These are some common reminders that should be done so as to keep the furniture clean and looking nice.

Maintaining the fineness and the cleanliness of the furniture is fast and simple and requires only to be done approximately once a month. Since a lot of money is invested in furniture inside the home, it only makes sense that a little time every month is used to keep it in good shape.

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