How to Clean My Room Checklist?

Almost every teen has to admit it: magazines scattered on the floor; pillows and blankets in beds are not made; papers are everywhere; toys and other stuffs invade the territory. Let’s face it, our room is a trash and teens just hate cleaning.

How many times does your mother have to tell you to clean your room? You get annoyed most of the time; but you have to admit it that they are right and they have all the rights in the world to keep telling that to you. But maybe, it runs on the teen’s blood to be some kind of a bummer. But sooner or later, you will have to deal with cleaning your own room. So how does one do it? It is easy. With the help of creating your very own cleaning checklist, you can now say goodbye to mess!

Cleaning your bedroom

Making one is very easy. Just try to list down things you are going to do to clean your room. It’s a little bit of breaking task into:
1. Turn on the music for some energy boosting.
2. Pick up clothes and put them into the laundry basket.It would be best if you sort it out, if it’s clean or if it’s not, shoot in right directly to the laundry bin.
3. Pick up all magazines, books and papers. Trash the unusable papers. Put books on shelves and organize magazines.
4. Pick up every trash you see and trash them right off. Also check for some stuff hidden under your bed. Don’t forget to check on that.
5. Take a break for about 10 minutes. Have a snack; take a short stroll and once your back…
6. You are done with your floor and now make your bed. Change sheets, clean your pillows.
7. Try to organize and put away stuff in your table.
8. Dust. Sweep. Vacuum the floor and every dusty corners of your room.
9. Reward yourself-you are done!
10. Do this every often! Make a schedule.

Extremely untidy boys bedroom

Additional Advice:

• Before going to sleep, try to put things away; sort stuff, put the book back in their proper places.
• Make your own cleaning checklist. Write it down on a whiteboard; put a stick-it note in your table; have it wallpapered or as a screen saver in your computer.

You can even create an easier checklist of your own. Do this very often and rest assured everything will turn out right; no mess, no hassles and no nagging moms. They say cleanliness is next to godliness and the best way to start the act of cleanliness is to start at the very comfort of your own bedroom.

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Mikedude - July 14, 2010

Hey! I like this article, awesome checklist, i should get some point to mine one, to improve my cleaning time. Thanks! 🙂

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