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More than your ordinary bathroom stall


A bathroom stall or a shower stall is an enclosed part in your bathroom where you can take a bath. Its main purpose in bathroom remodeling is to contain the splashing of water that normally occurs when you take a bath. It is also composed of four walls with an opening in one of the walls and a roof. The opening in one of the walls serves as the access area of your shower stall which can be made of sliding doors for an easy entry or exit. Of course, a shower stall would not be complete without a showerhead and faucets by which you control the flow of water.

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Before, shower stalls are bare or just simple. Now, you can tailor-fit your shower stalls and accessorize them to create the shower experience that you want. You can start off by choosing the perfect showerhead for you. You can choose a showerhead with different settings in that way you can adjust the flow of water from a softer stream of water to a stronger jet of water. You can use softer or steady stream of water to provide constant heat on your body. On the other hand, use stronger jets of water to massage your body especially sore muscles.

Another way to tailor-fit your shower stall is by installing numerous nozzles on the walls. This is another way to enjoy a massage while taking a bath. You can install the nozzles at different levels or various parts of the walls so that you can optimize the massaging effect of water on the different parts of your body. You can customize your shower doors by using glass panels or glass shower doors. You can add color and design to these panels too to suit your taste. Well-designed shower doors add aesthetics to the overall bathroom and can be considered as a great asset to the whole bathroom.

To create a luxurious shower haven, you can improve your shower walls or shower surrounds as well instead of sticking to the usual shower surround which is commonly known as the “water resistant drywall”. This can help you create the mood that you want for your shower stall. There are other types of shower surrounds that can enhance your shower stall such as pre-fabricated surrounds, solid-surface materials, ceramic tiles, and fiberglass. Pre-fabricated surrounds can be fiberglass, acrylic, vinyl, plastic laminate, and synthetic stone. Solid-surface materials are smooth acrylic surface which is a convenient material because they are easy to clean. Ceramic tiles are waterproof, durable and convenient as well. Fiberglass is also easy to maintain and durable.

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Another way to enhance your shower stall is by improving its layout. You can either make the layout a free-standing shower, in-line, neo-angle, square, rectangle, and round. Of course, the type of layout depends on the size of your whole bathroom. You can also customize the materials you use for your shower base such as ceramic tiles, reinforced acrylic, marbles, and stones.

One of the most important things that you need to consider when designing your bathroom stall is your budget (just like bathroom lighting). Surely, creating the shower stall of your dream can cost a fortune. Hence, you need to choose the right materials and accessories for your shower stalls.

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