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Vacuum cleaner for hardwood floor: choosing a good partner in hardwood floor maintenance


You have a beautiful, clean, and well-polished hardwood floor and you want it to stay that way for a long time. A good vacuum cleaner for hardwood floor is something that can help you with that task. The questions are: what qualities make a vacuum cleaner good for your hardwood floor and how to pick the right one?

In choosing a vacuum cleaner for hardwood kitchen floor, style has to be the last thing you should consider. The first things you should look into are the head of the vacuum cleaner and its suitability on your hardwood for linoleum floor. The main purpose of this equipment is to help you maintain the quality and ensure the longevity of your hardwood floor. For that to be possible, the vacuum cleaner ought to be nonabrasive to floor finish. There has to be no turning bristles, rotating brushes or buffing head as well as sharp edges which can scratch the floor surface. Brushes are more suited to cleaning carpeted and ceramic areas. Those being said, choose a versatile vacuum cleaner model that has the ability to lift the brush when not required.

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Vacuum cleaners nowadays have wet and dry modes. Be careful in buying a vacuum cleaner for hardwood floor that has automatic water flushing or application as these may cause discoloration and bumps on the floor boards. Pick a vacuum cleaner with strong suction capabilities so that when you intend to use the wet mode, you can be sure that your floor is as dry as it was. The suction power also counts when it comes to picking up animal hair. Which one now, cord or Cordless vacuum cleaner? This mostly concerns convenience of use. Cordless vacuum cleaners are most of the time battery-operated and are rechargeable. This will sound as a better option if you don’t want to deal with electric wirings while vacuuming around.

In doing any household chore, you want it to be as less strenuous as possible. You need to look for a vacuum cleaner that will not put much strain on your back. This is where the height and weight of the model come important. Upright models are preferable so that you need not to lower your back while vacuuming. Weight should also be considered especially if you are using it on areas which require you to lift the equipment like on the stairs or any elevated part that has hardwood floor. 10 to 15 pounds is the ideal weight for vacuum cleaners. A good vacuum cleaner for hardwood floor is the key to preserving its beauty. Keeping your floor away from spills, stains, scratches and damages in any way should not be as tedious as it sounds. If you have the right tool, it can be done with no sweat.

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