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How to Display Books

If you have a collection of books, it can be a mess if not properly arranged. Stacking books systematically not only allows you to accesses the tile as and when you want, but it can be a décor to the room. It also increases the product life of the books and allows you to keep track of the books you have given for borrowing. Learning how to arrange books is easy and you just have to keep few key points in mind.

Let’s look at some of the more obvious ones.
1. Choose the type of books you have in your collection and classify each book on the basic of author or category.
2. Always stack books backwards, with the title and author facing the reader.
3. If you have a wooden rack, width should not be less than 12 inches. This is to accommodate books of all sizes.
4. If you have a book rack that is above 6 ft, it is advisable to have a portable ladder and always stack titles not frequently referred on the top selves.
5. Books also need to be stack depending on t their utility. If you have cooking books staking near the kitchen is advisable, likewise for other books.
6. Rare and prized tiles should be stored on book selves with locker. It will keep them safe and dust free.
7. Some interior decorator these days tends to stack books on the basis of cover color. It is aesthetically nice to look at, but not really functional. It is best when you looking at stacking children books.
8. If you have tiles that are of general interest, staking few at your visitor’s room is a good idea.
9. At times it is advisable to stack book horizontally i.e. if you have a collection of books from the same author with a mix of soft and hard cover. This will increase the cover life of the soft ones.

Dos and don’ts
1. Do not tore book in basement or garage or any damp area.
2. Try clearing the books one or twice ever two months to preserve them.
3. To give more depth to the ambience , you can place some vase with interior plants on top of the books.
4. Always keep in mind that books should be accessible.

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