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How to Fix a Bad Paint Choice without Repainting the Whole Room


Choosing a paint for your room is really exciting; and choosing it actually in the paint store may not even be a problem. However, when you finally have it painted on your wall, you would then realized that it is not the paint that you actually wanted. You would see that the color is just too strong compared to what you really wanted it to have. This problem can be prevented if you know the things to be considered before buying the paint so that you future problems will be avoided. However, if the damage has been done, it is not easy to just let the paint be wasted and buy another one to serve the purpose better. The next time that you choose a paint, you need to make sure that you choose the color carefully. If the damage has already been done, you never have to worry and you do not have to repaint the room all over again. You just have to do some quick faux painting that will change the look of the wall that you have.

Light and relaxing colours

Here are some things that you can do for you to somehow make your wall look more of the paint that you like.
If you find your wall color is too dark, you can purchase a quart of the color that you chose with a lighter shade. If possible, you have to find the original shade of your color and ask the paint personnel to give you the paint which is two shades lighter from the one that you have on your wall. Then purchase a faux glaze and rags that are cotton lint free. After this, mix half a gallon of glaze in the bucket with the half of a quart paint color. Then you can saturate the cloth and squeeze the excess paint (make sure you are wearing gloves). Then wash the walls using the soaked cloth and layer it until you achieve the color that you want. The more layers that you add on your wall, the lighter the colors will get.
Wine tone painting

This is a technique that you can also do when you think that the color on your wall is too bright. Make use of this technique to soften that bright color by adding a shade of the same color which is less glaring. You can even darken a too bright wall by adding a brown color to the glaze that would result in an aged effect on the wall. You can also treat a green colored wall with another green or cream color to give it the look that you would want ot have on your wall. All you have to do is learn how to do faux painting and you are on your way to repairing a newly painted wall to give it the color you wanted it to have.

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