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How to Fix a Damaged String Lights


Holidays and special occasions are mostly celebrated with the presence of light. Sometimes you would like to save money and use the same lights which you had used the previous year. However if the decorating string of lights are damaged, it can be quite difficult and unproductive. For this reason, this article is based on how to fix a damaged string lights. This article is for a person who finds it very frustrating when the glowing string lights get spoiled. So follow these simple steps and you can fix the problem of a damaged string lights and enjoy a good celebration.

One of the common ways to fix a damaged string lights is by making sure that the fuses are working well and to check the 120 volts circuit wires. To test the two circuit wires, you simply have to plug in a very small amount of 120 volt device into the end of the string while it is plugged in. After which you need to turn it off. If the light are turns on, it will mean that the wires are perfect. If not there might be a problem with the bulbs. This will mean that one of the fuses is blown. So before checking the fuses look at the strings first. If there is no damage, slither or slide the male plug panel open and take out the 3 amp buss fuses from their contacts. If they are spoiled, buy a new one from a hardware store and test the device again. It will work and the light will start to glow again.

Sometimes it can be the fault of the light bulbs so you have to check the bulbs and observe if they have a poor contact with the electrical sockets. If a bulb makes a low contact with the sockets, it will start to flicker and cause the whole set of 50 bulbs to go dark. Also, find out if the bulbs are burnt out or non working bulbs. If it is so then you can always replace new lights to the fused ones.
At the end of the day, a damaged string lights can be only through a bad wire, some blown fuses or few of the bad bulbs that tends to darken the whole string of lights.

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