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How to install a vanity


The role of a vanity in a house is quite important as people have the propensity to spend time on a bathroom. A well designed and planned vanity can change the whole outlook of the bathroom. Such elements and rudiments are important so that it transforms your ordinary bathroom into a luxurious one. If you are not comfortable with installing a vanity, you can always hire a professional to do the same. On the other hand it is not quite difficult to install a vanity and if you are smart and know how to use a wrench and a screwdriver, then there’s no reason to hire a person and spend extra money to install a vanity.

One vital point to remember while installing a vanity is that it needs much care and it has to be placed delicately. Choose the color, material and texture of the vanity wisely. The colors that suit the textures of the walls, floor tiles, and drape designs are the best ones to choose from. It is good if the whole area compliments with each other.

Do not be dismayed with the cost of the vanity unit because it comes in all shapes and there are different qualities for everyone. Once you purchase the entire vanity unit, start by removing the old unit. In order to start with it, you need to turn off the water. Once it is taken care of, make sure that the plumbing lines are detached and all the water in the pipes is drained out in the basin. After doing that, remove fixtures and sink and place them elsewhere so that you can even use it in the future. The old cabinets must be attached to the wall. Use a knife to loosen and take off the screws. With this, you will have the inlets and the outlets and a vacant space to place your brand new vanity.

Installing a vanity can be handled even by a person that has no experience. You just have to follow the instructions and get ready to face some dirty work.

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