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How to Install Door Hinges?


Installing door hinges is not a difficult job. This process is actually one of the easy ways and the most common home improvement task. However, doing it is the most complicated step in the process but now worries because you can still do it without professional’s help. All you need to do is to prepare the necessary things needed for the installation. This includes shims or thin pieces of wood that can be slipped under the door to hold it at the right height, nails or an electric screwdriver, the door and door hinges.

The following are the steps you need to know on how to install door hinges:
1. Decision Making.
Carefully choose the part where you want to install the hinges. Remember that when you install the hinges at the right part of the doorframe, the opening of your door is on the left.

Antique style door hinge

2. Marking.
Create a visible mark on your chosen spots on. Usually, door hinges are installed 10 inches from the doorframe’s bottom and 5 inches from the top.
3. Measuring.
If you will place three hinges, measure from the bottom mark up to the top mark and then divide it into two. The answer will be the distance between the bottom and the middle hinges as well as the distance between middle and top hinge.
4. Outline.
Using a pencil, create a clear outline traced from the hinge onto the doorframe.
5. Make another mark.
This time, you will mark where to place the screws. Usually, door hinge package include its own screws.
6. Make a depression in which you will insert the recessed hinge on the doorframe.
Use a chisel and hammer to score the area within the outline of the hinge. Clear the wood splinters away until there’s enough space for the hinge to rest within the depression.
7. Screw the hinge on the place and avoid over-screwing.
If the hinge held firmly in a place while being level with the door or frame, it is properly installed.
8. Repeat the 5th up to the 8th step to attach the recessed hinges.
Some hinges kits do not require both halves of the hinge to be recessed.
Modern hinge for glass doors

9. By reinserting hinge pin, connect the two halves of the hinges.
This process will secure the door to the doorframe. Start the attaching from the top hinge and conclude with the bottom hinge.

After 9 basics steps and materials, your door hinge will be properly installed. You don’t really have to call professionals, the D-I-Y or Do-It-Yourself process and scanning for information would help you know how to install door hinges.

Warning! Be extremely careful when you work with glass doors, you will probably need a professional in this cases.

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