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How to install your wall mounted soap dispenser?


If you are decided already with the kind of soap dispenser for your home, the next step to do is to install it. First consideration is you have to think of which part of your house will your dispenser be placed. Be sure that it should be positioned in an area where it is accessible and within your easy reach. You can have the big one in your shower area, another in your bathroom sink or near the lavatory in your kitchen. After that install it using either of the two steps we have for you.

Modern styled soap dispenser

The first step is you can install your wall mounted soap dispenser using the screw that go along with it when you purchase them. First you have to find the area when you can mount it. You can position it according to your choice and mark the spots where you will put the screw with a pencil or a pen. Drill a hole using a smaller size nail so it will be easier for you to insert the screw. Then position your dispenser on the wall and insert the screw.

The second step to install your wall mounted soap dispenser is by using an adhesive, epoxy resin or other bonding agent. First is to position your dispenser in an area where you want it to be installed. Then clean the area well with wet cloth then rinse it with a dry one. You can also rinse it with a little amount of rubbing alcohol to remove all other dirt or soap residue that may affect the hold of adhesive in your wall.

Automatic soap dispenser

After that, apply enough amount of adhesive or any bonding agent you want to apply on your dispenser holder and let it set for few minutes. The settling time is depending on the kind of bonding agent so it is important to review the guidelines on the box or container of the adhesive. You can also ask the sales attendant of the procedures when you buy it. The next step is to place your dispenser against the wall. Press it against the wall firmly so it will attach well. Then wait for one or two days for it to dry and settle well before place your dispenser in the holder. And that’s it; you have already installed your wall mounted soap dispenser as you may wish them to.

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