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Install a Wall Mounted Soap Dispenser as Wish it

Soap Dispenser


Many people happen to lose their patience with the use of bar soaps. Especially when there are several people who share the same bathroom; which implies that they share the same soap. Remember the phrase “the next time you use the soap think about this, what is the last thing I wash, and what is the first thing you wash?” Since I heard that phrase, I decided to install a soap dispenser.

The point is that they are much more hygienic, elegant and help us to keep the spaces tidier. Of course, we cannot ignore how practical they are. And although they are not perfect, in Decorating Visit Houses we think they are the best option; Accompany us to discover a little more of them, maybe so you decide to install yours.

From the Bar to the Dispenser

Soap Dispenser
Soap Dispenser

[one_half_first]The first step to leaving behind the bar of soap is to make the transition from the liquid soap. Many well-known brands maintain their anti-bacterial properties despite their liquid presentations. In fact, if we judge them at the chemical level, we can conclude that liquid soaps are much better than bar soaps.[/one_half_first][one_half_last][/one_half_last]

Why? Well, let me explain. Bar soaps are made by combining water, surfactants, preservatives, fragrances, dyes or pigments and special ingredients such as moisturizers; All combined with an alkaline base and a fatty substance. This is how the final product of detergent characteristics is born.

Soap DispenserHowever, it is due to the nature of this same chemical reaction; that bar soaps have a PH which always rounds a value equal to 10.

A PH of 10 is not the most act for the washing and care of sensitive skin, and I am not just talking about babies; Children, young teenagers and especially girls have very sensitive facial skin.

The liquid soaps due to their consistency, allow a handling of the elements in their elaboration much more versatile; just for that detail, liquid soaps can have a pH value of 4, more than suitable for the care of sensitive and delicate skin.

In addition, you cannot deny that the bar soap, as it is finished; It becomes so small that it simply slides out of the hands. When the bar soap is already too small to hold it comfortably, one of two things happens:

  • We get a new one and that small piece is there on the bathroom shelf and sticks to the sanitary slab.
  • We let you free to navigate the shower and go down the drain; which then causes obstruction problems in the pipes.

Liquid soap does not present either of these disadvantages, however; brings us a new challenge that we must overcome, but once we do, then we can say that it is perfect.

The Great Disadvantage of Liquid Soap

Soap Dispenser
Soap Dispenser

Obviously, the major disadvantage of using liquid soap is the accumulation of dispensing containers. Even if we are people who live by applying the rules of recycling at home; the real solution is to minimize the consumption of such containers.

Also, if we buy the larger dispensers, then we face another problem; and is that their bases are very wide and may not fit comfortably in the sink. This is a problem that mainly affects people with little space in the bathroom.

This is where the definitive solution comes in and what makes liquid soaps the best alternative; the fixed soap dispensers.

They not only minimize the accumulation of plastic containers because some use dedicated soap bags that come in a standardized measure according to several models.

They are also great decorative pieces that add a level of elegance far superior to our bathroom; And not only to the bathroom, we can fix them in the kitchen and also in the garden area.

At present there are simple, minimalist and yet very beautiful models in which the liquid soap is poured directly from the container.

However, there are also electronic or automatic; which have a proximity sensor which activates the mechanisms of the dispenser to release the soap.

Both are perfectly functional options; which one to choose will depend on your availability of money and the nature of your decor.

I only advise you not to buy the electronic if you are an impatient person; this model takes between 2 and 3 seconds to apply enough soap when you close your hands.

Installing the Soap Dispenser

The installation is very simple, although it is good to consider the amount of use that will give you daily to choose the best method of installation.

Screws or glue? It is the question, because it is always better to choose screws. Although opening more holes in the wall is not something you like to do to anyone; when you have children that will be using the dispenser, it is best to use the screws.

Even if it is a dispenser with proximity sensor which do not have to touch to be able to use; it is best to use screws since you will want to protect your investment, remember it was not free.

Of course, there are also dispensers that can be placed directly on the sink as if they were an additional faucet.

But if you are going to install a wall that children will use, always use screws; especially if it is one of the models that also allows dispensing toothpaste and has a space to place the toothbrushes.

Where should I install my dispenser?

Soap Dispenser

I guarantee that when you install your first liquid soap dispenser you will want to have one everywhere!

They are very practical, and if you used the luxury dispenser which is also a decorative piece; then you’ll want to bring that elegant look to the rest of the house.

Although I must say that there are places in which it is not convenient to have them because they will not really look good; not to mention changing the dynamics of the room.

It is not about turning your house into a hospital-like place, but about adding comfort and hygiene to the most critical areas.

Therefore, the places where you should install one are:

Soap Dispenser
Soap Dispenser
  • The bathroom next to the sink, a soap with a low pH and that is dedicated for the face.
  • In the shower, a more consistent, anti-microbial soap; you can also buy the double or triple dispenser, so you will have soap, shampoo and rinse in a single dispenser.
  • In the garage or workshop, it is good that you have a dispenser for these areas where you do work; Make sure it is a strong soap so you can easily remove the grease. Do not worry too much about the presentation of this dispenser.
  • In the garden. If the children are playing or if you are working on the plants and you must attend visits; a dispenser in this area will allow you to be more efficient. When you tell the children to come and eat, wash your hands first! You can see that they actually wash them.
  • In the kitchen. A soap that takes care of your hands and is anti-bacteria; so you can avoid cross-contamination in your kitchen.

All these dispensers are best to always fix them to the wall; we really recommend this feature because they will look smarter than on a table.

And what if I want to make my own dispenser?

Soap Dispenser
Soap Dispenser

That is also a valid alternative!

Although we leave it to the last point because we prefer to use the finishing dispensers in silver or chrome; you can make your soap dispensers at home using glass jars and the dispenser of an empty liquid soap bottle.

It is a simple mechanism that works by suctioning the air, so you do not have to worry about using a specific container. A little hot glue, some decorative elements and ready!

I recommend that you also use hot glue to attach the dispenser to the sink; that way you should only open the lid every time you want to pour soap and, if you used glass, it is best to take care of your work.

Soap Dispenser
Soap Dispenser

Although one of the disadvantages of making your own dispenser; Is that you are limited to building it oriented with the base down and fixed to a horizontal surface.


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